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CUSTODY by Deena Gommersall  (Mags Inc: E-Book)
Andy is devastated when his ex-wife moves, taking their son with her. Things become worse when he discovers that she is raising him as a girl! And they go positively downhill when she begins to turn him into a female, too. Or do they?  

Can a rough-and-tumble auto mechanic swap his coveralls for lacy under things? Can father and son be reunited happily as mother and daughter? Can forced feminization turn a woman-loving he-man into a panty-wearing, man-loving woman?  

DESTINED FOR DRESSES by Jennifer Sue (Mags Inc: E-Book)
A community's fund-raiser becomes the setting for mass feminizing of the town's men. Tickets for the mock wedding aren't selling well until someone has the bright idea to make it a cross-dressed wedding, involving many teenage boys as the wedding party.

Little does anyone realize that this will lead to a permanent "change in direction" for a number of the boys (and a few of their dads, too). This change will have them living in dresses for the rest of their lives, as they become fully-functioning females!

FORCED TO DATE THE BOSS'S SON Part 1 by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Marty Morris may not be the biggest, most macho, boy in his high school but that doesn’t mean that he’s a girl or wants to be one. It’s not his fault that he’s a little feminine-looking. And it isn’t his fault that his mom’s stupid boss mistakes Marty for a girl when he sees him right after he came out of the shower with cold cream on his face. 

Before he knows what’s hitting him, Marty’s mom has promised that her “daughter” will go on a date with Freddy, her boss’ son. A one-time platonic date with another boy while dressed as a girl is bad enough but it seems that dear old Mom likes the idea of having a daughter, especially one who makes her boss happy by going out with his son. Worse yet, Marty seems to be growing breasts. Could that have anything to do with those pills his mother has been making him take?

FORCED TO DATE THE BOSS'S SON Part 2 by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Marty continues to develop into a beautiful young woman as his/her first year of community college is winding down. Marty and his/her mother Anna are about to go off for a weekend with Eric and his son Frederick. Marty is excited about the trip but nervous too because she is afraid that Fred will discover her true gender. 

Meanwhile, Anna has her own reason to be afraid of what may happen over the weekend. She, too, has a secret that even her own child doesn’t know about. As it turns out, there’s a reason that Anna has been so understanding about her only son’s transformation into a young woman. 

How will their boyfriends react when they find out the truth about the women they are falling in love with? 

DESTINED FOR DRESSES by Jennifer Sue (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Ashley is a mousy excuse for a boy. All he really wants out of life is to accompany his Aunt on her round-the-world trip. When her traveling companion becomes unable to go, Ashley sees his chance. One problem, though--the trip was designed for two women.

The big question is whether his father, a macho man ashamed of his "sissy" son, can accept the changes Ashley has made. A surprise ending will keep the reader turning the pages, anxious to see how this story of a young person's acceptance of themselves turns out.

MY FATHER'S NAME IS JENNIFER by Phillipa Peters  (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Jack’s stepmother tells him that she can’t afford to pay for his college tuition. He’ll have to go see his father, from whom she is divorced, to get the money. Jack isn’t comfortable with the fact that as his eye doctor father is now living as a beautiful woman. Having no other way to pay for college, Jack reluctantly agrees to visit his feminized Dad. The young man makes it perfectly clear that he thinks his father’s lifestyle is repellent. Jennifer, as Jack’s father is now known, is hurt by his nasty comments until she comes up with an idea. 

Perhaps Jack might begin to understand her attraction to femininity if he had the guts to spend a day as a young woman. Jack is persuaded to go along with this crazy idea, convinced that it will get his mother/father off his back and give him his tuition money. He discovers, however, that experiencing what a pretty young woman feels is a powerful drug, especially when people are complimenting you on your beauty and trying to convince you to become a fashion model. Strange new sensations overwhelm Jack when he kisses a man for the first time.

HER SON'S NAME IS CHRISTINE by Phillipa Peters  (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Jack thought that his outing in designer dresses would be a one-time thing. It wasn’t his fault that he looked so pretty in them, was it? Before he realizes what’s happening, a quarter-million dollar contract to be the “face” of Exquisite Girl cosmetics is being dangled before him. 

Even though the thought of continuing to be Christine horrifies him, he needs the money to help his former father, Jennifer, who hasn’t recovered from her sex change surgery enough to resume her career as a surgeon yet. Out of love for his parent, Jack decides to put his life as a male college student on hold and become Christine again. 

Femininity has its seductions, and Jack finds himself enjoying being a beautiful model as well as the romantic attentions of the wealthy bachelor Grant Kingsley.

HUSBAND TO SISSY - Book 1 by Alice Trail, Kristi Love & Puyal (Mags Inc: Paperback Order)
Dan's a handsome fellow, but not the least bit ambitious. However he is married to Helen, a type A corporate climber. Things are good for a while, until he loses his job and then goes into deep debt to a loan shark in a poker game. Helen seized the opportunity to force him into a new identity, one that will naturally include him taking over the housework.

HUSBAND TO SISTER - Book 2 by Alice Trail, Kristi Love & Puyal (Mags Inc: Paperback Order)
Dan slips deeper and deeper into a feminine lifestyle, with his wife's insistence of course! When his son comes home, of course he must assume a disguise as well, in order for all to remain safe from the mob.

HUSBAND TO SEDUCTRESS- Book 3 by Alice Trail, Kristi Love & Puyal (Mags Inc: Paperback Order)
So now Helen and her newly created "sister" and "niece" are off to a convention at a very exclusive resort. Of course, this means that they will have much more public exposure, even to men! Here they begin to discover that more than just their appearance has been changed.

KATIE'S REVENGE  by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

This story is about Ken, who has taken to drinking and wife abuse, and Katie his wife, who has had enough! Extreme steps to fix the situation follow!

OUT OF THIS WORLD  by Heather Berdrow (Mags Inc: E-Book)

The Stevens family is out on an adventurous vacation, flying up the coast of California, when their private plane is hit by an alien survey vehicle and seriously damaged. The family has sustained serious injuries and the aliens, feeling responsible, are capable of saving them all, even the boy who would die, if only human medical skills were available. There will be some changes, however. This is just the start of this gripping adventure, as the family becomes involved in the aliens' plans for their live on Earth.

ROLE CHANGES Part 1 by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Like millions of other American men, Jack Johnson found it impossible to find a job in the recession. Julie, his wife, tries to be understanding about the situation until Jack turns to drinking and becomes physically abusive to her. Don, the owner of the restaurant Julie works for, notices Julie’s bruises and black eyes. 

After pressing her for an explanation, Don decides to take matters into his own hands by giving Jack a taste of his own medicine. Before long, Don, a huge bear of a man, has the much smaller Jack wearing a woman’s clothing and wearing makeup. The more Jack complains, the more pleasure Don takes in further feminizing the frightened man. 

Jack’s humiliation is complete when he finds out that Don plans on taking him to a doctor to have breast implants and other cosmetic surgery so that he can work in the restaurant as a pretty waitress.

ROLE CHANGES Part 2 by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Things just continue to get stranger and stranger for the Johnson family. Don Simons has taken over as the new man of the house and instituted changes no one could ever have anticipated. Julie’s husband Jack is now Aunt Jackie, complete with breasts and his son Jimmy has been transformed into Jamie, a pretty teenage girl. 

Jack struggles with his place in the new scheme of things even as his wife is being pleasured beyond her wildest fantasies by the man who has emasculated him. Meanwhile, Jimmy/Jamie is discovering that some of her high school buddies want to be more than just friends with the new girl in school.

ROLE CHANGES Part 3 by BC (Mags Inc: E-Book)

The noose tightens as Jamie’s forced feminization intensifies. Her new Daddy is determined to make the perfect young woman out of the former male. He blackmails her into dating Bill, a high school football star she has gone to school with since the third grade. 

To add insult to injury, Jamie’s father is also made into a woman and “Daddy” decides that Jamie and Bill should become a married couple, but not before he has his way sexually with both of them. As the reader will discover, that is not the end of the surprises life has in store for new-woman Jamie. 

SON TO SISTER by Kelly Anne (Mags Inc: Paperback Order)

The story of a son that follows in his father's footsteps...actually in his high heels! A wonderful story with illustrations by Puyal.

SORORITY GIRL by Sarah Thorpe (Mags Inc: E-Book)

At only eight years old, Thomas is introduced to crossdressing by his parents who intend to win a Halloween contest, some weeks away.  He is made to spend more and more time in girl's clothes over those weeks and comes to like the feelings that they stir in him.  Further he discovers that his father has been a crossdresser his whole life.  And so begins his life...

TWO PARENTS IN ONE by Simone Reynolds (Mags Inc: E-Book)

When Graham's wife - a researcher in virus based medicine - dies, he finds himself bringing up his children alone. Soon Graham is changing to meet his sons' needs, but it goes further than anyone expects, as Graham is inexorably transformed into his late wife.

A WOMAN'S GIFT  by Diane Woods (Mags Inc: E-Book)

Joey is a lost child, the odd boy out, tormented by the others in school. No one understands that, on the inside, Joey feels like a girl.

Fortunately for Joey, his Aunt Margaret is there to take him in and help him be the girl he longs to be. Whatever happened to his father, though. And who is this mysterious "Aunt Meredith" who turns up?

A Woman's Gift is a lovely story about a boy who fulfills his dream of becoming a girl and later, a complete woman.


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updated September, 2016

Aleisha James

How I Spent My Summer

Johnny's father was estranged from Johnny's grandmother. Johnny knew nothing about an old family tradition until tragedy struck and he was sent to spend the summer with the old lady.

Alexis DeMoire

First Wives Club Part 1
A very sweet story of the relationships between Alexis, her two best friends and her family. How she fell in love with her husband and achieved motherhood. 

First Wives Club Part 2

Life in a Full Circle Part One  
A romantic life story of a T-girl who went through puberty, marriage, child birth, and many more. (Story includes many T-girl family members.)

Life in a Full Circle Part Two

Alyssa Anderson

Father Son Bonding
A father and son are victims of a curse meant to make them appreciate family.

Alyssa Davis

The Nanny
Terry applies for a Nanny position, accepts it with the condition he disguises as a woman. Later, the employer's son exhibits transvestite tendencies, so Terry helps the child who later becomes transgendered as well as Terry.

The Paper
Darryl writes an unusual paper to fulfill a class assignment to impact the teacher, not realizing what impact it would have on him.

Belle Donne Italiane Part 1
Madame Jae's salon has helped undercover cop Tommy Genovese explore a new identity - that of sexy Tina, an Italian-American girl. Tina loves being sexy and loves men - but can she come out to the most important men in her life - her father and her son?

Belle Donne Italiane Part 2
There's a new man in Tina's life? Will Lou and Johnny approve? And what does Madame Jae have in mind for Tina's birthday present? More beautiful Italian women?

Belle Donne Italiane Part 3
One year later - how Madame Jae's has changed this family's life forever!  

 The Fab 4
Two college roommates and their sons were the closest of friends. What would it take for them to reunite - and live happily ever after?

Family Business (The story of The Katz Kittens)
"In one year, we've gone from nothing- happening father and son to a pair of hot T-girl escorts. How did this happen??" 
A story about a nice Jewish family with an unusual lifestyle.

The Honey Combs Parts 1-3
Father, Son, and Grandfather are starring on a very special reality show. Will they ever be the same?

The Honey Combs Parts 4-6

The Honey Combs Parts 7-9

Las Chicanas
What would you do to save your father's life - and your own?
A story of a TG Family - and of paella and empanadas. 

Love Is Grand
Retired and independently wealthy, Stan Berman discovered he had only 12-18 months to live but the symptoms would not onset for at least a year. A life-long cross dresser, Stan confided in his kin that he wanted to live as a woman for a year, and if they joined him, they would inherit the entire estate.

Mallory in the Middle
Lois Wilkerson's secret dream - is now a nightmare for her. 
Characters from TV series "Malcolm in the Middle" created by Linwood Boomer. Based on the Episode "If Boys Were Girls"

New Mother and Daughter
Alex told his son Kyle "I have something to tell you." What Alex didn't know was that Kyle knew exactly how he felt! (based on a caption by Becky!)

Angela Dee North

Doing It For Dad (in progress)

After moving into sheltered housing, septuagenarian Samuel Ellsbrough tells Charlie, his loving son, not to visit anymore. When Charlie discovers the reason behind the request, he resolves to find a way of persuading his dad to change his mind.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Bobbie Bazooms

(The Presto-Chango Series)

Presto-Chango Dating Service
Bobby signs his divorced father upto an internet dating service with unexpected results.

Henry and Bobby Go To The Mall
After transforming into a woman, Henry decides it's time for a shopping spree.

Henry and Bobby Go To The Mall Part 2

Feminizing Bobby Pt. 1
A feminized father employs an extreme strategy attempting to seduce her son into womanhood. But, will her plans work?

Feminizing Bobby Pt. 2

Linda and Bobbie enjoy their female bodies and find out there may be unexpected consequences to strutting their stuff.

Linda and Bobby make a new friend and help him find love. This concludes the story arc.

Welcome To Big Bore
Several characters from Bobbie's past stories on The Overflowing Bra/Erotic Mind Control Archive and Fictionmania team up to star in a motion picture screenplay of her own creation- with nods to Russ Meyer, John Waters, and camp sci-fi.

Bythe Spirit

I Am Me 1
I was 12 years old when my dad was to be remarried. My stepmother Susie was divine. Even better she had a son. I I was in heaven. How could things get any better? Talk about being young and foolish. My journey from boyhood to girlhood and not just mine!

I Am Me 2
Simon finally understands Mommy's plan.

I Am Me 3
Simon is now firmly on the path to becoming Simone. His naive honesty is getting him deeper and deeper into trouble. However he also meets Maddie and Sophie two delightfully sexy little girls who show him some new tricks. Mummy is also keen to continue his education!

I Am Me 4
Finally Simone gets to meet Alexis and what a meeting. But still only a little appetizer of what was still to come.

I Am Me 5
Simon completes his journey and as Simone finally surrenders to Alexis and fulfills some deep yearnings. But they are discovered by mummy and daddy. Or are they? Mummy and Daddy that is!

I Am Me 6
Chronicles the early life Emma and Susie and why Alexis and now Simone are following the same path.

I Am Me 7
Simone may not be a bridesmaid, but she is certainly not going to miss out looking very cute and sexy. She gets to briefly explore what it is like to be a little girl before learning how submissive some sissies can become. 

I Am Me 8
Simone's education continues. She has fantasized about her and Jason, but mummy thinks Jason is tool old. However Jason's younger brother Clint is just perfect - in more ways than anybody imagined. 

I Am Me 9
The final night at home provides to be a truly exciting finale before the Simone starts her new life at boarding school. Simone's fantasy over Sophie finally comes to fruition. Is she in for yet another surprise?    

Cathy Evans

Changing Roles part 1
The internet busts of the 1990’s resulted in some interesting changes to family life as former millionaires struggled to find new jobs . Such was the case of our subject family - the Reeds of Silicon Valley, California.

Changing Roles part 2
·Cha .. cha .. cha .. changes ….
Mother, son, father, daughter. The roles were the same, but the players were now different.

Charlotte Johnson

The Mentor
Having made her own successful transition, Charlotte is approached by a desperate father who begs her to help his even more desperate son. 

Like Father, Like Son

When Josh has an argument with his mother, he turns to his estranged father for support and guidance. Little did either of them realize just how much in common they had.


Family Fucked

Car break down means one family needs another's assistance.

Emma Kate

The newly completed Kate discovers her parent when she visits Seattle.

Ginger Collins 

A Blast From the Past  (parts 1-6) 
Sara, my ex-wife, who divorced me 15 years ago after she caught me cross-dressing, declares a truce! Why?

Dad, That's a Beautiful Dress You're Wearing!
A rainy day in San Francisco provides the unexpected circumstances for a father and son to discover the other's most closely guarded secret, namely, a penchant for cross dressing.

Gingerfred Man

When Timmy's and Francis' Mom decides that the only way to save the boys from growing up to be like their philandering father is to raise them as girls, the brothers make a pact to play along, but to stay boys at heart. But then Francis begins to waver on the pact and Timmy stands alone.

Freeloves, meet the Freeloves. They're the modern she-male family. You'll have a gay old time.

Kevin's parents send him to a summer camp where he becomes Molly for the first year, then Kevin again for the second, then Molly.  Simply, boy goes to camp.  Boy becomes girl.  Girl meets many boys.  Many boys get girl in the end. 

The first Kevin and Molly sequel, covering the last three weeks of the first year at Camp.  No need for bug repellent or your name sewn into your underwear.  

Matty Marlow was sweet and innocent -- the ultimate sissy -- and Matty had a dream. As it turned out, Matty's dream, and those of several other people, all came true

What should a father do when he finds out he has sissies for sons? The Bensons' lives changed for the better when all was revealed.

Brendan's Daddy is sweet and beautiful and Brendan wants to be just like him. Fortunately, he is allowed to do just that.

Eric wonders why all his Dad's male friends are so nice and attentive to his Dad. Then he finds out why. Then he and his Dad discover their common traits.

Hebe Dotson

She's cleaning out her closet and starts to throw out her old green dress. He objects -- he loves that dress. "If you like it that much, you can have it," she says. That old green dress has a lot of life left in it...

(Half Brother Series) 

Since Matt and I had the same parents, he hated it when I called him my half-brother. He hated it even more when I offered to call him my half-sister. I had power -- I was the only one who knew he liked to wear our sister’s clothes.  

Matt persuades his brother Paul to join him in wearing their sister's clothes. Paul likes it, and insists on going out as "Carole," with Matt as his escort.

We’ve met Matt, aka Tammy, and Paul, aka Carole—but who is this third sibling in skirts? This is the story of Tammy and Carole’s campaign to get Mandy out of her jeans and into dresses…

It’s a Good Boy to Bad Girl to Bad Boy to Good Girl story, and the authoritarian female is Larry’s father

 Something Ventured (continuitity with The Green Dress)
Something ventured…and everything lost? Chris participates in a fund-raiser 10K race as a woman, and his photo appears in the local paper.

I shouldn’t have been standing under the mistletoe, but I didn’t even know it was there. And George shouldn’t have kissed me…


Weekend Sisters
Two teenage brothers, both cross dressers, spend a weekend as girls. Corrine, the sister, plans for the three of them to go to a teen dance hall as sisters but the parents unexpectedly return home way too early. Results are not what one would expect because of Barbara...who is Barbara?
Jennifer Sue

Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 1
Lydia Ladd has had it with men. Using her extensive financial resources, she starts a local mall that is designed to be friendly to woman. She forms alliances with many other woman who feel the same way. Together they start changing all the ill behaved males around them into sweet and demure females.
Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 2

Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 3

Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 4

Ladd's Exchange Mall - Book 5

Ladd's Exchange Mall-Index

Jennifer White

John Jr got a new stepsister. But she wanted to have a new sister instead.

After Becky has transformed her stepbrother into a girl, can she do it to her stepfather too?
Jessica Swift

Robert and Richard are twins desperate to gain sexual experience but not popular with girls. After raiding their sister's lingerie drawer, the twins start exploring new horizons together in sex, crossdressing and incest.
Crossdressing twins Rachel and Rebecca decide to go out for the first time, to their school's post graduation costume party as a french maid and naughty nurse. Naturally, the girls prove pretty popular with the party's studly costume wearing guys and soon things descend from party to orgy with Rachel and Rebecca's influence causing everyone's sexuality to become a little blurred.  

Jason's mother is determined that he attends the very best school. Unfortunately, the only good local school only takes girls. A quick transformation later and "Wendy" is ready to begin her new life, exploring female friendships and more that she never thought possible.

Jason's mother is determined that he attends the very best school. Unfortunately, the only good local school only takes girls. A quick transformation later and "Wendy" is ready to begin her new life, exploring female friendships and more that she never thought possible.

Wendy and her girlfriend Danielle decide to get their own back on the school principal who has been taking advantage of her.

School ends for Spring Break, reuniting Wendy with her very loving mother and forcing her to make the biggest decision of all, should she go back to her boring masculine self or remain as Wendy for good? Fortunately, her mom is on hand for some very hands on help.

Jezzi Belle Stewart 

Mike has a definite love/hate relationship with his alter ego, Marcie, and it's taking its toll on his family. His family, with the help of the Vaingirls, decides to do something about the situation, something most unusual!

Karen E. Lea

Laura and Daniel meet their new neighbour. Is there love at first sight?

Things get serious.

Educating Danielle Part 4
Laura and Daniel go shopping.

Educating Danielle Part 5
Jeff adopts Danielle for the weekend.

Educating Danielle Part 6 
Laura has a birthday and more shopping for Danielle.

Educating Danielle Part 7
A visit to the hair salon and a proposal.

Educating Danielle Part 8
Meet the parents.

Educating Danielle Part 9
Offers come thick and fast.

Educating Danielle Part 10

Danielle has to be outed to Spencers and a unexpected modelling job.

Educating Danielle Part 11
Easter break and Sam will not take No for an answer.

Educating Danielle Part 12
Danielle begins her holiday at Lady Carringtons'.

Educating Danielle Part 13
Karen, Laura and Danielle meet the group and Karen is outed to the studio.

Educating Danielle Part 14
Danielle hosts a garden party, starts her first catalogue shoot, is guest of honour at her media release and stars in the music video. Becky has trouble at home.

Educating Danielle Part 15
A girl's night out, Danielle ends up on stage with the band and Sal is starting to get very disallusioned with Sam. 

Karen Elizabeth L.

The changes in a young boy's life when he is shown a different way to bond with his father.

Playing a dress up game with his twin sister leaded Denny and Denise to trade places for a vacation then then a whole year. Their mother even get their Dad into the act when he becomes Aunt Jennifer. Plus others dress up.

Family Changes
A man and his son spiral into an ever deepening depression after the death of his wife. His sister offers a way out but it would involve changes in the family.
Annie sez: My all-time favorite TG fiction story! :)

Flipping the Frat 
The older brother of a fraternity pledge learns of the frat officers plans to sissify and humiliate the pledges.  He comes up with a unique idea to thwart the plan and turn the tables by flipping the frat and turning the Bozos into Bimbos but was it too late to save his brother?

Flipping The Frat: A Feminine Family
Years after taking revenge on the officers of a frat that wanted to turn his younger brother into a sissy, a man finds that the men in his family seem to have a very strong feminine disposition.

The Good Provider
A man,failing to be the good provider his son needs, after his wife's death, must decide if he could best provide for his son's needs as a woman.  

I'm the Big Sister
After watching a movie with his younger brother about a guy pretending to be a girl, Mike jokingly dresses his little brother up. The joke backfires and Mike ends up in dresses to.

Last Chance
A family is on the verge of self destruction. Husband against wife, sisters against brothers. They have one last chance to survive, learn to appreciate each other by becoming each other. Is their family important enough to take the gamble?   

Leigh Anne - Sentenced to Life
A boy and his father are sentenced to two years in jail for harassing a family. There is a way out, if the father is willing to be the family's maid for two years and if the son is willing to be the maid's daughter. Only two years, and it's better than the horrors of jail and the youth detention center. Or is it?

Making Do
After the death of his wife, a man and his sons are always having to make do. His sister shows him a way to earn a few dollars; all he has to do is to allow the producers of a Reality show to make him over as a woman and film him for two months as he meets challenges they set for him. When the filming ends can he return to his old life despite finding love as a woman?

Pageant Playmates
A widower with a young son meets the woman of his dreams; a woman with a young son who competes in beauty pageants as a girl.  His own son becomes fascinated with cross-dressing. Can he overlook this and build a relationship?

The Princess Project
Their parents, having enough of two boys teasing their twin sisters by calling the girls princesses even though they lead the life of leisure, decide to put an end to it by making the boys into princesses for a week.  The boys decide they enjoy being princesses and when the parents learn of the boys dress up games, they seek counseling for them.
Was it the right decision?

Womans Work
Kathy is feed up with the lack of help around the house from her husband. She hatches a plan to get him to help, using hypnosis. His mother, and brother in law soon end up in the same fix.

Karin Bishop

On The Run (parts 1-10)

We were a family. And when our father was murdered, we had to leave everything behind us—including our gender …

Kinky Monkey

Bob, Leah, Ali and Jamie: The Power of Girl Cock - Part 1
Bob is working out of town for a month and goes to stay with an ex-colleague's two
daughters and second wife. One daughter is 18, blonde and curvy and the other daughter
is a precocious late 13, slim, athletic, small breasted but already looking like a woman. 
His friend's second wife is in her late thirties, but still attractive. He passed away a few years
after marrying her.


A Change of Life
A man is hired for a temporary job posing as a black woman, to help out a rich lawyer. Are Dave's appearances as "LaShaunda" only temporary, or will this create an escalating series of events with serious consequences not just for Dave, but for his entire family?

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16


Another story about what might happen when the secret is out and the closet door flung open.

Linda de Burge                                                                                  

Alone at home one night our hero discovers something unusual about his father and decides he'd like to share the experience.

Michelle A   

Lady In Training
Mom is turning my world upside down. She insists that I wear frilly dresses and that everyone calls me Michelle instead of Mike. How can I have fun with the guys like that? Just because I'm in a little trouble.
Nancy Willowette

Is Nothing Sacred?
A t'fantasy ...........for those of us who yearn for our own vaginas.

Patricia Marie Allen

It Was His Mistake... So Why Am I Dressed This Way? 
Rachel Anne Cooper has written one part of a story called"One Small Mistake". It's incomplete, so I made up a part that might fit in with the original only from the viewpoint of the secondary character, Cal.   Cal's friend Cory is stuck for finding a summer job, so lets his friend Frankie talk him into taking a baby sitting job. Only the job has to be done with him as a girl. Cory's mother took him shopping to buy him some "work Clothes" and Cal tags along. Caught up in the spirit of things, he purchases a couple pairs of girl's shoes and wears one pair home. The only problem with that is what will his parents say, and do about it? 

Patricia Pendragon

A family are forced to change genders in order to hide from an underground organisation the father has angered. Their son is at first confused and unhappy about the change to his life, but comes not only to accept it but to enjoy it as well.

Rachel Anne Cooper

Not As Advertised
Jack and his dad are too studly for the girls. They need to acquire appreciation for what a woman goes through to look nice, the time, effort, sacrifice. Eleanor finds a way to help them with that. It works well, very well. Eventually harmony returns to the Fenton home once a lot of Rock 'n Roll has washed under the bridge. Now, everybody's happy.

Sharing Wishes
In a little town in Massachusetts, two girlfriends decided to do their bullied friend Danny a favor and change his life forever. But, due to his kind and sharing nature, the blessings keep spreading thru his family. 

Cher and Lolly are very upscale young ladies with a flair for fashion. Their guys are devoid of any sense of the word. Cary and Karl become motivated and then one of the partners in the store tosses in just a taste of magic to make it more fun.


The Pretenders
Chuck, a divorced father, decides that Mike and he should vacation together to get to know one another better as Mike's 18th birthday approaches. When they meet a mother and daughter who share their love for making music their lives are immersed in feminine harmony.


Rhonda's Story part 1
Ron is caught wearing his sister's underwear and given a choice. Either give up his penchant, or dress full time as a girl.

Rhonda's Story part 2

Rhonda's Story part 3

Brothers and Sisters  
Since they were kids, Gabe has always been there for his little brother Jay. While Gabe is spontaneous and outgoing, Jay has always been more reluctant to try new things on his own. When they grew older, Gabe married a woman named Debbie and Jay came out as gay. When Jay decides he wants to try performing in a drag competition, he asks Gabe to enter the contest with him for support. Gabe agrees and along the way gives his brother the support he needs to come out of his shell.

Crossdresser's Paradise
Charles Kaplan, introduced in "Prom," is the son of billionaires Simon and Jenna Kaplan of Kaplan Industries, Kaplan Tech, Kaplan Aeronautics, Kaplan Motors, etc. When Charles finally tells his parents about Charlene, he finds that they are not angry and that they actually have a secret of their own. In the next story, we'll find out what happens when Charles brings together many of the characters from my previous stories when they spend a week together on the island. 

A Father's Love
A young father shows his support for his transgendered son by agreeing to accompany him to a Halloween party dressed as a woman.

Mother's Day
The Millers are your typical American family.  Oliver, 37, works as an investment banker and his wife Danielle, 36, is a doctor.  The family is financially stable and they live in a nice neighborhood.  They have an eighteen year old son, Dylan, a pre-teen daughter, Stephanie, and a six year old son, Carl.  While they normally get along pretty well, lately there has been some conflict within the household.  Soon that conflict will be resolved when each family member spends a day on the other side.


Serena and Ebonee
Marie Duvalier, wants to fix a white racist once and for good. But she is afraid of the old saying, 'like father like son.' So she..

Silly Sissy Sarah

Girls At Heart
A father finds his son in a nightie. How is he going to handle it?

Sylvia Who?

Estate Agent's Dilemma
Charles Bentall, a rival businessman and ex-school colleague catches our hero in his role as 'Roberta Hart'. Blackmails him into becoming his own 'sister' and a live-in nanny for his children in order for Charles to take over Robert’s business as an estate agent. Robert has designs on Sarah, but she has her own secret agenda! 

Sexy Crossdressing Twins
My twin brother and I share many things in common but this is one I am sure is
 quite unusual.

Uncle Len
"This is a true story of my sexual adventures beginning in my teens."

Tonya Varese                                                                    

Suddenly Shawna (Acts 1-2)
Shawn is caught playing with himself in girls clothes by his mom. She indicates her displeasure by humiliating him and taking him out dressed.

Act 2 finds Shawna in a quandary with the pep squad, his mom's boyfriend, and his father. Meanwhile mom finds new ways to embarrass her TV son.

Suddenly Shawna Act 3
The final act finds our heroines up to their ears in humiliation and degradations.

Valentina Michelle Smith

A teen-age boy is discovered dressed as a woman by his parents. But there are more surprises in store for him.


Alex Meyers, his son Liam, and Liam's best friend Vic are off to Hawaii for the perfect vacation. By luck these three men are chosen to be granted passage to a island which exists in another dimension.


After the war is lost, the men of the kingdom must sacrifice their greatest source of pride to prevent anarchy: their manhood.

YANKEE DAN                                                           

Feminized By My Mother Ch. 01
Shemale mother makes son a sissy.

Feminized By My Mother Ch. 02
Son deals with his urges and unwanted male attention.