Thursday, November 15, 2018

So Who Won The Bet?

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nikir77 said...

Nick and Tim Oops Natalie and Teresa were never the macho-men like Eddie and Ian. Tim had been a cross-dresser in college and that is were Teresa and Ian had first meet. Tim's wife was a strict Catholic so Tim got rid of all traces of Teresa. Now Ian and Teresa were not lovers in college but Ian was her protector from the bullies and homophob's. Years later Tim's wife died and Teresa was coming back slowly she had to hide from a teenage boy but come to find out Nick was in to pretty things and had his own small stash of girl things. So when they made the bet it was not unheard of for Nick and Tim. during their Spa/salon day is when the truth came out and both guy/girls laughed and were happy. Ian from the college days had woken up a desire in him of T-girls that is what caused his divorce and the ex-wife did not want their son because he reminded her of Ian to much so he became a single father. Eddie learned from his mother of his dad (Sick behavior) but Eddie never thought of it as sick matter of fact he got turned on to the fact their was more than just Men and woman out there. After months of going back and forth Tim and Nick decided to go full time as Teresa and Natalie their boyfriends liked the idea so much everyone moved in with their lover Teresa moved in with Ian and Eddie moved into Natalie's house. Both girls got their guys to get them surgery but for now they stayed T-girls maybe they would go all the way if their men gave them wedding rings?