Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Shower (Julie, Amy, and their dainty little things - under the lingerie :0)

The Shower
Andy Lemon held up the silky teddie for his father Jake to see.  “That’s… tiny,” Jake sighed as he watched his pride & joy show off the lingerie. And why were these two guys dressed as women and looking at girly gifts?  Well, Jake shouldn’t have gotten into arrears with the bookie – that’s when the mob got involved.

“OK Mom, you can open yours now,” the prissy boy who was now the leggy Amy told her sissy parent.   Julie opened her gift and found what her new husband would expect her to be in for her wedding night.  You guessed it – this wedding shower was for their planned double nuptials to a father/son in the Corino clan.

And while the Lemons were forced to be to become the T-girl brides of these brutes, they grew to love being taken by their guys.  They would enjoy their new lives as mother/daughter and pampered mob wives!

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