Friday, May 1, 2015

Back on Track (Coach Claire, the blonde leading her own blonde daughters)

Kenston High School, a male prep school in the Northeast, had to make a decision when its boys track team, staying at a hotel at a meet in Florida, got sick being exposed to a chemical explosion at a plant nearby.  All 11 athletes  and its coach Cliff Paley, were changing at a DNA level to girls.  The school board voted to make Kenston a co-ed school, which Coach “Claire” Paley embraced.  “My boys are now my girls – this includes my two sons who are now my daughters.  I’m so thrilled that the Kenston community has embraced and supported us in this ordeal.  Actually, we are all closer than ever, and I may be a mom to two officially and 11 in spirit.”  

Senior Sean and junior Nick Paley (now Sandra and Nancy) are actually leading the squad in meets won, and are the leading vote getters for queens of their various classes.  And as a group, the team is working hard behind the scenes to set up single mother Coach Paley with the handsome head football coach. J

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