Saturday, April 18, 2015

These Amazing Feelings (Three stunning makeovers for this family)

These Amazing Feelings
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mimi!  Do you like the surprise that Mom and I have prepared for you, by dressing up tonight?”

“I love it!  All these years of having my neighbor transform me into a woman, I never once thought that you would enjoy this like I have for years!”

“It’s been eye opening, I wish we had tried this sooner.  I love having a sexy mom and a  gorgeous daughter.  And now we’ll take some glamour shots, and then Miss Angela says she has something special planned for this evening.  Wonder what that is?” 

Steve Ogden bit his painted lip, to suppress the knowing giggle.  For years, Angela, who turned Steve to Sonia every weekend, would be setting up his son Marc and grandson Nate with escorts to the crossdresser support group social.  That night, Sonia, Marie and Noelle would all get an amazing goodnight kiss from their dates.  

“That’s how I got hooked on these feminine feelings years ago,” Sonia mused.

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