Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leading a Normal SLUTTY Life (You're always welcome home, Shannon & Willa)

Winston Davies and his son Shawn were always moving to a new town, thanks to Winston’s FBI undercover life.  But one day, there was a breach of confidential records, likely indicating that the father and son were going to targets of ISIS whom saw Winston as their mortal enemy.  Only wanting to remain close to Shawn, the Davies were shocked at the suggested course of action: that they be turned into women and given new lives as mother and daughter.  After a long talk, they decided together to become Willa  Dash, stylish mother, and Shannon, pretty teen. 
To fully immerse themselves into a feminine way of life, the girls were shown how a loving girlfriend or wife takes care of her man, or at least says thank you for a nice dinner out.  Hey, Shannon… save some of that luscious cock for your new  Mom!

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