Sunday, April 12, 2015

Icing on the Cake (Patricia & Alyson love it sticky and sweet - oh yes!)

Icing on the Cake
Bakery owner Phil Brady just wished that his son Adam would spend more time learning the business and less time perfecting his “Alyson” persona.  The young drag queen had won several contests with her outlandish personality, amazing curves and big blonde do.
“Dad!  I landed the bakery the most talked about wedding in town this year – 100 couples, some straight, some same sex, and some a little bit of everything.  But there’s one catch – you can’t appear at the celebration like – THIS.  Time for my MOM to get a makeover!”

Phil’s resistance would cost the bakery thousands of dollars, and perhaps his own flesh and blood.  So he allowed Alyson to create Patricia, a lookalike cougar who learned quickly how to manuever in heels.  The wedding reception was a massive success for the Bradys in several ways:  they had an awesome payday, they really enjoyed being mother/daughter, and they brought some studs back to the bakery.  Aly showed Patti how a man’s cock was like cake dough – it would rise with some sweet heat and a little kneading…

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