Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beware… The Catfish Queens! (OK, Kristin, Helen, show us what's under the sash!)

Beware… The Catfish Queens!
Kyle:  (whispering) Wow Dad, talk about easy money.  These dumb hicks actually think we’re a pair of beauty queens, not a father-son team of grifters from up North.  They think we’re actually mother and daughter!

Hank:  I told you I had a great plan for us!  With these prosthesis and q whole lotta makeup, we do pass.  And these sashes and crowns are a great touch huh.  We sure have the mayor  and the businessmen of this backwater town fooled… hmmm, why is the sheriff coming our way?

Sheriff Billy Jim Harris: So, Miss Helen, Miss Kristin, my deputy and I were doing some fact checking.  Seems you two have a reputation…

Deputy Troy Miller: Disguises, multiple names… male and female…

Sheriff: We could throw both of your pretty little behinds in the jail… I bet those boys were enjoy that… but if you keep quiet and do as we say, we can give you a less demeaning alternative… being our girlfriends.

Helen:  Well, fellas, I guess you caught us.  Good thing that we have enough experience as girls to take care of big, strapping guys like you!

Kristin:  Oh, yes we do, Mom.  And we really do like men in uniform – and out of it.  That’s quite a “nightstick” you are packing, Deputy.

Helen:  It’s one thing to carry a concealed “weapon,” honey, it’s another thing to know how to use it.   C’mon boys, let’s go get… undercover.

And that night, in a small southern town, the con artists came to desire, respect and appreciate the Law, and have some Southern comforts!

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