Sunday, April 26, 2015

From Poor Boys to Rich Bitches (Ellen + Gail love their earnings, and their yearnings)

Ed Pickett grew up with working class values, and a single dad, he tried to influence his son Glen to enjoy hard work and the simple pleasures of life.  Well, that was all well in good, but we live in the era of reality TV, social media, the Kardashians, Instagram, yadda yadda!
The network had put out an ad for father and sons who were small, skinny, and up for a challenge – to live life for a year as women.  Rich, hot, women with awesome homes, the finest clothes, amazing bodies, and men drooling at them.  The concept, at a glance, would seem to run counter to every part of the moral fiber of Ed and Glen’s character.   But $1 million apiece…  wellll
I guess that beneath the principled, stalwart men that they were, there two rich, petty, spoiled and horny bitches underneath the male exteriors.
“Mom, I want some awesome tits like yours,” the transformed Gail exclaimed as the duo rocked their matching bikinis.  “Andre would love playing with them", she cooed, referring to her NFL athlete lover boy.

“He can pay for then, baby… how do you think I got Alex to pay for mine?” replied Gail’s mother, Ellen.  Her new fiancé was a rich lawyer and Ellen had used her body to get him to promise to give her anything she wanted.  

She and Gail loved being their men’s sexual fantasy – they couldn’t even remember the guys they used to be.  Being hot sluts with tight bodies and no morals sure felt right to them!  So did all of those hard cocks, right girls?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Littlest Witch (The magic of having a mommy and big sisters!)

The Littlest Witch
Lacey Taylor was the only girl in her house.  She adored her big brothers Rick and Joey, and loved her Daddy Len.  But she wished that for once, she wasn’t only girl in the house.  And after waking up one morning, she found her family had their gender changed overnight.

“Wow!  I guess I am a little witch.  I wonder what other spells I can cast,” she giggled.
Then she saw how pretty her now mother  Lana and her big sisters Rosie and Jill had turned out!

The trio walked over Lacey – were they upset?  Not really.


“Yes Mommy?”

  “If we’re going to stay as all girls, then you need to magically find us some cute guys to go out on dates!”

“Okay, Mommy,” the little witch agreed. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beware… The Catfish Queens! (OK, Kristin, Helen, show us what's under the sash!)

Beware… The Catfish Queens!
Kyle:  (whispering) Wow Dad, talk about easy money.  These dumb hicks actually think we’re a pair of beauty queens, not a father-son team of grifters from up North.  They think we’re actually mother and daughter!

Hank:  I told you I had a great plan for us!  With these prosthesis and q whole lotta makeup, we do pass.  And these sashes and crowns are a great touch huh.  We sure have the mayor  and the businessmen of this backwater town fooled… hmmm, why is the sheriff coming our way?

Sheriff Billy Jim Harris: So, Miss Helen, Miss Kristin, my deputy and I were doing some fact checking.  Seems you two have a reputation…

Deputy Troy Miller: Disguises, multiple names… male and female…

Sheriff: We could throw both of your pretty little behinds in the jail… I bet those boys were enjoy that… but if you keep quiet and do as we say, we can give you a less demeaning alternative… being our girlfriends.

Helen:  Well, fellas, I guess you caught us.  Good thing that we have enough experience as girls to take care of big, strapping guys like you!

Kristin:  Oh, yes we do, Mom.  And we really do like men in uniform – and out of it.  That’s quite a “nightstick” you are packing, Deputy.

Helen:  It’s one thing to carry a concealed “weapon,” honey, it’s another thing to know how to use it.   C’mon boys, let’s go get… undercover.

And that night, in a small southern town, the con artists came to desire, respect and appreciate the Law, and have some Southern comforts!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leading a Normal SLUTTY Life (You're always welcome home, Shannon & Willa)

Winston Davies and his son Shawn were always moving to a new town, thanks to Winston’s FBI undercover life.  But one day, there was a breach of confidential records, likely indicating that the father and son were going to targets of ISIS whom saw Winston as their mortal enemy.  Only wanting to remain close to Shawn, the Davies were shocked at the suggested course of action: that they be turned into women and given new lives as mother and daughter.  After a long talk, they decided together to become Willa  Dash, stylish mother, and Shannon, pretty teen. 
To fully immerse themselves into a feminine way of life, the girls were shown how a loving girlfriend or wife takes care of her man, or at least says thank you for a nice dinner out.  Hey, Shannon… save some of that luscious cock for your new  Mom!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

These Amazing Feelings (Three stunning makeovers for this family)

These Amazing Feelings
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mimi!  Do you like the surprise that Mom and I have prepared for you, by dressing up tonight?”

“I love it!  All these years of having my neighbor transform me into a woman, I never once thought that you would enjoy this like I have for years!”

“It’s been eye opening, I wish we had tried this sooner.  I love having a sexy mom and a  gorgeous daughter.  And now we’ll take some glamour shots, and then Miss Angela says she has something special planned for this evening.  Wonder what that is?” 

Steve Ogden bit his painted lip, to suppress the knowing giggle.  For years, Angela, who turned Steve to Sonia every weekend, would be setting up his son Marc and grandson Nate with escorts to the crossdresser support group social.  That night, Sonia, Marie and Noelle would all get an amazing goodnight kiss from their dates.  

“That’s how I got hooked on these feminine feelings years ago,” Sonia mused.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Icing on the Cake (Patricia & Alyson love it sticky and sweet - oh yes!)

Icing on the Cake
Bakery owner Phil Brady just wished that his son Adam would spend more time learning the business and less time perfecting his “Alyson” persona.  The young drag queen had won several contests with her outlandish personality, amazing curves and big blonde do.
“Dad!  I landed the bakery the most talked about wedding in town this year – 100 couples, some straight, some same sex, and some a little bit of everything.  But there’s one catch – you can’t appear at the celebration like – THIS.  Time for my MOM to get a makeover!”

Phil’s resistance would cost the bakery thousands of dollars, and perhaps his own flesh and blood.  So he allowed Alyson to create Patricia, a lookalike cougar who learned quickly how to manuever in heels.  The wedding reception was a massive success for the Bradys in several ways:  they had an awesome payday, they really enjoyed being mother/daughter, and they brought some studs back to the bakery.  Aly showed Patti how a man’s cock was like cake dough – it would rise with some sweet heat and a little kneading…