Sunday, March 1, 2015

Come visit me on Tumblr and DeviantArt (and an update on this blog)

Hi :)

The news of the "cleansing" of Google adult blogs and the rapid retraction of that policy has given me ample time to think "What now?"

Several years ago, I set up a Tumblr blog to mimic this blog but I grew tired of it.
A few months ago, I jumped started my account on DeviantArt.

A few days ago, I sort of "reset" both as follows

Now, most of the caps on both of those are going to re-postings from here or revised ones with some new ones.   I do this believing that eventually, Google will take some action here.  I don't want to be left without a destination.

I will certainly maintain and retain this blog, if for no other reason but - it has been home to me and my work for 6+ years.  I hope you all follow these links and keep up with me.

FYI, this is post 999 - post 1000 will likely be in a few weeks, after I return from a vacation. ;)

THANK YOU ALL -  our new phase starts NOW

Love, Annie

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