Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Pink Ladies (Megan, Jackie believe in the color of love)

Michael Maggio missed his mommy, as did Mikey’s father, John.  Angie Maggio never recovered from her cancer, and it seemed that neither the father nor the son would recover emotionally.
 Then one day,  Johnny found a crayon drawing of a beautiful lady and her daughter.  Angie had enjoyed spending time with her husband en femme.  Did Mikey  want to feel girlish and pretty too?
“Your dress is as beautiful as mine, Megan,” Jackie cooed to her child, both as happy as they had been in a year.  

“We both look good in pink, Mommy,” her daughter assured her with a giggle.

Tony, the kind and handsome photographer the makeover studio hired to take the pictures of the family, agreed.  A week later, he took both new girls out for a fun date to see a family movie.

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