Saturday, February 21, 2015

The BFF Boutique (Business partners to beautiful mommies with teen baes)

The BFF Boutique
“So, what will you do with the money you got from the sale of your company,” attorney Pete Emmett asked his friend and client, Roger Binny.  Pete was NOT expecting Roger to say “Opening a studio and makeover boutique for stylish transgender women.”  

Pete swore to Roger that he would check in on him in a few months; besides, Pete’s son Jason was also friends with Glen Binny, Roger’s boy.   A month later, Pete and Jason sauntered into a shop across town and were greeting two familiar faces, dressed as they had never seen them before.  Their jaws dropped. 

“Welcome to B.F.F. – Binny’s Fine Fashions,” purred the owner.  “So, you can call me Rita,” grinned the leggy beauty in grey, and this is my new daughter, Greta,” motioning to the pretty in pink teen.  

“Mom and I are having a lot of fun as girls, and the store is packed everyday with customers trying on the latest in fashions.” 

I didn’t know you made such a cute girl, Greta,” Jason said with a sly grin.  “We could have fun on as date – or we could have even more fun if my alter ego, Jennifer, could spend time with Greta trying on clothes and chasing boys – that is if we can keep up with our hot mothers.”  

Pete winked at his friend, “I wish I knew you two were crossdressers like we are.  I think Pamela and Rita need a girl’s night out so we can grow closer as girlfriends, and find whatever men are left after our daughters have had their way!”  

Within a few months, the Emmett law firm was also sold, and the Boutique’s name now had four BFFs invested.  The four beauties would never be caught in anything but high heels…

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