Friday, February 13, 2015

Skirting the Issue (Christine + Sara showing their "pass"port to girlish fun!)

Along the Zurich riverfront…

Claude May and son Seth have a bit of an disagreement…

CLAUDE:   You’re crazy.  We have a great thing going here, spending two weeks every year as women, as mother and daughter.  But we have our lives back home, son.  I’m training you to take over the family business!

SETH: But I don’t want to be some suit selling widgets, Dad.  I want to go out everyday in heels like these, with a girlish wiggle in my step.  I want to see the world with my fabulous mother,.  Look, you can sell the factory for a great price, and then we can see the world and all of the cute men in it.

CHRISTINE: That’s what this is all about, isn’t Sara? You've done nothing but flirt with every suave, unshaven European man we've encountered. 

SARA: And what about Paolo in Milan?  I know what you were doing with him in his apartment?  Quit skirting the issue Mom – pardon the pun!

CHRISTINE:  Sigh.  You are… right, my dear.  Paolo definitely made me feel like a complete woman.  Look, we both have had a taste of being women – pun INTENDED, and we have enjoyed sharing the naughty details with each other.  OK… then we are in this together – two sexy ladies abroad.

SARA:  That’s two puns in that statement – ABROAD – three if you count a TASTE of being women, because men taste so good,.  The Swiss studs here are like the finest chocolate, and the French… oh, like a heavenly soufflé…

CHRISTINE: Now who’s being punny, honey?  (giggle)  Now what kind of men should be on the lookout for?  How about one of those soccer players?

SARA: They call it football here, Mom.  Now let’s go look for some dresses!

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