Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Curse is a Blessing (Gretchen, Kristen redefine getting screwed)

My name was Graham Harmon, now it’s Gretchen.  This is my daughter Kristen, but she was born as my son, Kyle.  So – what happened?  

Our house was destroyed when an Army truck carrying chemical compounds smashed into our house.  We survived the fire, but our DNA was changed per the Feds’ doctors.  It was as if we were born with estrogen in our bodies.  Our genitals did shrink, leaving the only telltale sign of us being male.  Other than that – we were women.  And we turned our misfortune into our happiness!  The Feds’ hush money meant we would never need to work a day in our lives.  

Kristen and Igrew so much closer as mom and daughter than we had ever been!  We turned to be a pair of beautiful blondes, feeling happy and blessed!  There just one teensy little concern we had for a while – the two of us were always so HORNY, and just loved sucking men’s cocks. 

 It scared us at first, because we were straight guys who gotten head from our girlfriends, but now, we felt so damm slutty!  At the mall, Kristen’s eyes would lock in on a man walking and nudge me, and whisper, “Mom,” and I would instantly think of nothing but what was under those pants.  We were together all of the time, so we often tag teamed a lucky fellow.  

I mean, what guy doesn’t have a mom/daughter fantasy?  I bet you do.  

You don’t mind that we used to be guys right?   Good!  If you’re up for it, come spend the night! J

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