Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Makes Sense To Us! (and wanting Beth or Kellie is a no-brainer...)

Makes Sense To Us!
BRAD:  For the longest time, I was such a fool.  Why I kept my cross-dressing a big secret from my son was so wrong.  I was afraid of embarrassing him as a father…

KEVIN:  I wondered by Dad wouldn't let me into that room.  But if he only knew what I was doing in my room…  I had snuck home some of my cousin’s panties…

BRAD: And that one night we heard what sounded like a burglar breaking into our house!  He’s got those panties and a long T-shirt – and I’m like “who are you?”

KEVIN: And you had on that old robe – but stockings and garters underneath!  This was a side of you I had NEVER seen.  We couldn't bear to look at each other!

BRAD: Finally that weekend, we had “the talk.”  That took the weight off both of our shoulders.  We both dressed, I lent Kellie a skirt and top, and gave her one of my wigs.  We shrieked… hugged… bawled our eyes out like the girls we were!

KELLIE: From that time on, it was mother and daughter time every weekend – and a lot of late nights.  The closet in that room was packed with both of our sexy girly wardrobes.  All those high heels shoes!  We laughed and laughed and really got so close to each other!  Mom  and talked for hours about our hopes and dreams.

BETH: We encouraged and pushed each other to go further.  We moved across the country to live as Beth & Kellie full-time.  We grew our hair out, threw away our old clothes.  I got us some hormones, and arranged for some plastic surgery.

KELLIE: I love my big new boobs, as much as she loves hers!  And of course, with big boobs and long legs and our hot new looks, we had to go out and show off!

BETH: To think, two years ago, I was a timid man hiding his drag stash from his son.  Now I've got a great job as an AA, and Joe, the Executive VP of Marketing, and I have been an item for months.  Kel loves hearing about all Joe and I after we come back from a hot date or a weekend away with him, don’t cha sweetheart?

KELLIE: You forgot the best part Mom!  Joe Jr. is as fine as his daddy, and he just asked me to the prom.  Makes sense we’d both fall for the same kind of stud!

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