Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Almost to 1000 on Blogger - and then I got an email (Click to learn more about the fate of AFT)

Hi everyone.

As some of you have been discovering, either through your own blogs or from reading those of your favorites, Google/Blogger will be instituting a policy to limit access to blogs with nudity and/or sexual content.  For some of the great blogs I have enjoyed over the last decade, that means either a complete end to their existence, or attempts at moving the blogs and content to other platforms like Tumblr and Wordpress.   Here's my take:

1. The changes are planned for mid March, but considering how many blogs there must be out there, I'm not sure how fast Blogger can "lock" the blog to invite only - I do expect the change to come, but if they are truly ready on zero hour, I'd be shocked.
2. I see many of you have started to migrate and I hope that through sites like Rachel's Haven, the TG Comics forum, et al, you'll at least continue to stay in touch.
3. For myself - well, I was already slowing down in terms of production of content - but not completely.  I used to post 4-5 times a week, now I'm lucky if I do that much in a month.  My pending 1000th post (this is 998 I think) was going to be a milestone and a key turning point.  Now I know that with the changes at Blogger, I have a good excuse to kind of "wrap up" AFT.

(Note:  I'm not really angry at Google - hey, I haven't paid a dime and they have given me a great place to have over 3 million visitors, and 450+ subscribers.  It's a business decision on their part - they can choose to do this.  I think eventually, even if we all move to a Tumblr that has quite a lot of porn on it, no matter where we go - changes in policy can happen.  It's not censorship unless they actually censor the Internet which I am concerned about and your should be too!)

4. My blog is probably 25% nudity and sex acts pictures, 50% normally pics of hot chicks with erotic stories (some XXXX, some PG-13), and 25% non-sexual.  One thing that I do take seriously is that I have pics and "heroines" who are under 18.  I have always stated that no actual minor or character that is minor should be shown or portrayed as sexually active, nude, etc.  

5. As far as this blog - I may decide to "purge" the nude/sex act caps, and select erotic stories, and repost those to my already existing Tumblr site.  I double posted to Tumblr for a while and I kind of stopped as a timesaver.  Now that my Blogger needs are going away, I will embrace it.

6. I also have in the past 4 months, started a Deviant Art account and already have a lot of my "sweet" and some of the sexy stufff there as well.  Going forward, DA will likely be my "sweet" destination and Tumblr my "spicy" - with some crossover.

7. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Rachel's Haven - so many of you already have a presence there.  Dee Mentia has been trying to get me back into doing Caps for the members, and I mayyyy try to do that.  I just tend to find I gravitate to stories and characters of my own doing - always with the family member scenario, that's my niche/kink! ;)  But RH does have a great vault for savings docs.  And above all of these hosts, it's hosted by members of our community, my sisters. :)  Love you all,

Stay tuned everyone - Noah's Ark was bumpy to but then, the waters subsided and the animals got out and walked around and didn't look back.  Please visit me at the above sites.  


Your caption makin momma,

Annabelle (Annie) Raven

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