Sunday, February 8, 2015

35 years ago (Three proud new women made HER-story!)

It’s hard to believe that, in the early part of the century, extreme fanatics wanted to kill Carl Rupp and his family for simply wanting to express his opinion in his writing about the world being less tolerant.  To protect his son John and five year old grandson Nicholas, Carl’s college friend, a geneticist named Paul McVie, altered their DNA so that they would become female and would blend into anonymity.B

ut last year, Constance Rupp-McVie wrote an autobiography, describing her sex change, her three decade marriage to Paul, as a tribute to the man who saved her family’s life.  Connie got the blessing of Janet and Natalie, as the woman they adored, they all became celebrities for their courage and love as mothers and daughters.

After undergoing a new procedure, Natalie will give her mom and grandmom a
gift like no other: her and her husband will welcome a 4th generation girl to the clan.

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