Sunday, February 22, 2015

Study HARD! (Molly + Renee are grade-A horny hotties)

Study HARD!
“Sit down with me honey, let me show you this…”

“Porn?  We, you and I certainly saw quite a bit of it before we underwent these sex changes…”

“That’s true, but now that you and I had to get sex changes to hide from those mobsters, I’m showing this to you for some different reasons.”

“Wow, I see a couple of sluts getting a lot of cock.  That used to make me so hard when I was Matt.”

“Same with your dad, Robert… but since I’m now Renee and you’re my hot daughter  Molly, we’re having a different, more enjoyable reaction!”

“So Mom, are you imagining yourself as the big titted MILF getting a chance to suck that thing or have it in inside you?  I know I want both, I feel so… horny!”

I want that and a lot more, girl.  That’s why I insisted that when they changed us, they gave me these huge tits, and made us look like walking, talking wet dreams.  If we are going to have peace and avoid detection by those goons, we have to go  all in with our new gender.  That means you and I have to suck, fuck and be a pair of hot and sexy bitches!”

“So when those hunky Feds come over tonight Mom , it’ll be like homework!”

“That’s right, and class will be in session all night long – and so, so HARD!”

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The BFF Boutique (Business partners to beautiful mommies with teen baes)

The BFF Boutique
“So, what will you do with the money you got from the sale of your company,” attorney Pete Emmett asked his friend and client, Roger Binny.  Pete was NOT expecting Roger to say “Opening a studio and makeover boutique for stylish transgender women.”  

Pete swore to Roger that he would check in on him in a few months; besides, Pete’s son Jason was also friends with Glen Binny, Roger’s boy.   A month later, Pete and Jason sauntered into a shop across town and were greeting two familiar faces, dressed as they had never seen them before.  Their jaws dropped. 

“Welcome to B.F.F. – Binny’s Fine Fashions,” purred the owner.  “So, you can call me Rita,” grinned the leggy beauty in grey, and this is my new daughter, Greta,” motioning to the pretty in pink teen.  

“Mom and I are having a lot of fun as girls, and the store is packed everyday with customers trying on the latest in fashions.” 

I didn’t know you made such a cute girl, Greta,” Jason said with a sly grin.  “We could have fun on as date – or we could have even more fun if my alter ego, Jennifer, could spend time with Greta trying on clothes and chasing boys – that is if we can keep up with our hot mothers.”  

Pete winked at his friend, “I wish I knew you two were crossdressers like we are.  I think Pamela and Rita need a girl’s night out so we can grow closer as girlfriends, and find whatever men are left after our daughters have had their way!”  

Within a few months, the Emmett law firm was also sold, and the Boutique’s name now had four BFFs invested.  The four beauties would never be caught in anything but high heels…

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Morning After (Victoria listens, understands the joy of Julia's passionate night)

The Morning After
It was a beautiful Sunday morning at the beach.   I saw Julia on the steps leading to the beach, and she seemed to be contemplating the events of the last 48 hours.

“Do you want some coffee?” I said as I step down to sit behind her, “or do you just want to talk… Justin?”

At first, she frowned at hearing her male first name, then looked at me with her eyes full of gleam.  “Justin’s gone Mom, and his troubled life is behind me.  I can’t thank you enough for showing me how being a woman is so  incredible.  We’ve never been this close before.  I love being your daughter,”  she sniffed back a tear.  “Or… being Connor’s woman, his lover…”

“Trust me, honey, I know.” I said as I wrapped my arms around my child.  

Ten years ago, Vince went from being Justin’s adult dad to being Victoria, the lovely blonde homemaker who co-owns this beach house, with her wonderful husband.

 “So… did you have as good a night as I did, Mom?,”  Julia asked with a playful smile. 

I played it cool, and replied with a proud smile.  “Maybe not.  I figured, as much wine as Gary, me, you, and your Connor had last night on the porch, we were pretty randy.  So, you didn’t hear us shaking the floors upstairs?”

We both exploded in giggles and held each other.  “I just assumed it was Connor that was making my world rock!”

Enjoy the feeling,  my darling.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Skirting the Issue (Christine + Sara showing their "pass"port to girlish fun!)

Along the Zurich riverfront…

Claude May and son Seth have a bit of an disagreement…

CLAUDE:   You’re crazy.  We have a great thing going here, spending two weeks every year as women, as mother and daughter.  But we have our lives back home, son.  I’m training you to take over the family business!

SETH: But I don’t want to be some suit selling widgets, Dad.  I want to go out everyday in heels like these, with a girlish wiggle in my step.  I want to see the world with my fabulous mother,.  Look, you can sell the factory for a great price, and then we can see the world and all of the cute men in it.

CHRISTINE: That’s what this is all about, isn’t Sara? You've done nothing but flirt with every suave, unshaven European man we've encountered. 

SARA: And what about Paolo in Milan?  I know what you were doing with him in his apartment?  Quit skirting the issue Mom – pardon the pun!

CHRISTINE:  Sigh.  You are… right, my dear.  Paolo definitely made me feel like a complete woman.  Look, we both have had a taste of being women – pun INTENDED, and we have enjoyed sharing the naughty details with each other.  OK… then we are in this together – two sexy ladies abroad.

SARA:  That’s two puns in that statement – ABROAD – three if you count a TASTE of being women, because men taste so good,.  The Swiss studs here are like the finest chocolate, and the French… oh, like a heavenly soufflé…

CHRISTINE: Now who’s being punny, honey?  (giggle)  Now what kind of men should be on the lookout for?  How about one of those soccer players?

SARA: They call it football here, Mom.  Now let’s go look for some dresses!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

35 years ago (Three proud new women made HER-story!)

It’s hard to believe that, in the early part of the century, extreme fanatics wanted to kill Carl Rupp and his family for simply wanting to express his opinion in his writing about the world being less tolerant.  To protect his son John and five year old grandson Nicholas, Carl’s college friend, a geneticist named Paul McVie, altered their DNA so that they would become female and would blend into anonymity.B

ut last year, Constance Rupp-McVie wrote an autobiography, describing her sex change, her three decade marriage to Paul, as a tribute to the man who saved her family’s life.  Connie got the blessing of Janet and Natalie, as the woman they adored, they all became celebrities for their courage and love as mothers and daughters.

After undergoing a new procedure, Natalie will give her mom and grandmom a
gift like no other: her and her husband will welcome a 4th generation girl to the clan.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Curse is a Blessing (Gretchen, Kristen redefine getting screwed)

My name was Graham Harmon, now it’s Gretchen.  This is my daughter Kristen, but she was born as my son, Kyle.  So – what happened?  

Our house was destroyed when an Army truck carrying chemical compounds smashed into our house.  We survived the fire, but our DNA was changed per the Feds’ doctors.  It was as if we were born with estrogen in our bodies.  Our genitals did shrink, leaving the only telltale sign of us being male.  Other than that – we were women.  And we turned our misfortune into our happiness!  The Feds’ hush money meant we would never need to work a day in our lives.  

Kristen and Igrew so much closer as mom and daughter than we had ever been!  We turned to be a pair of beautiful blondes, feeling happy and blessed!  There just one teensy little concern we had for a while – the two of us were always so HORNY, and just loved sucking men’s cocks. 

 It scared us at first, because we were straight guys who gotten head from our girlfriends, but now, we felt so damm slutty!  At the mall, Kristen’s eyes would lock in on a man walking and nudge me, and whisper, “Mom,” and I would instantly think of nothing but what was under those pants.  We were together all of the time, so we often tag teamed a lucky fellow.  

I mean, what guy doesn’t have a mom/daughter fantasy?  I bet you do.  

You don’t mind that we used to be guys right?   Good!  If you’re up for it, come spend the night! J

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Makes Sense To Us! (and wanting Beth or Kellie is a no-brainer...)

Makes Sense To Us!
BRAD:  For the longest time, I was such a fool.  Why I kept my cross-dressing a big secret from my son was so wrong.  I was afraid of embarrassing him as a father…

KEVIN:  I wondered by Dad wouldn't let me into that room.  But if he only knew what I was doing in my room…  I had snuck home some of my cousin’s panties…

BRAD: And that one night we heard what sounded like a burglar breaking into our house!  He’s got those panties and a long T-shirt – and I’m like “who are you?”

KEVIN: And you had on that old robe – but stockings and garters underneath!  This was a side of you I had NEVER seen.  We couldn't bear to look at each other!

BRAD: Finally that weekend, we had “the talk.”  That took the weight off both of our shoulders.  We both dressed, I lent Kellie a skirt and top, and gave her one of my wigs.  We shrieked… hugged… bawled our eyes out like the girls we were!

KELLIE: From that time on, it was mother and daughter time every weekend – and a lot of late nights.  The closet in that room was packed with both of our sexy girly wardrobes.  All those high heels shoes!  We laughed and laughed and really got so close to each other!  Mom  and talked for hours about our hopes and dreams.

BETH: We encouraged and pushed each other to go further.  We moved across the country to live as Beth & Kellie full-time.  We grew our hair out, threw away our old clothes.  I got us some hormones, and arranged for some plastic surgery.

KELLIE: I love my big new boobs, as much as she loves hers!  And of course, with big boobs and long legs and our hot new looks, we had to go out and show off!

BETH: To think, two years ago, I was a timid man hiding his drag stash from his son.  Now I've got a great job as an AA, and Joe, the Executive VP of Marketing, and I have been an item for months.  Kel loves hearing about all Joe and I after we come back from a hot date or a weekend away with him, don’t cha sweetheart?

KELLIE: You forgot the best part Mom!  Joe Jr. is as fine as his daddy, and he just asked me to the prom.  Makes sense we’d both fall for the same kind of stud!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Pink Ladies (Megan, Jackie believe in the color of love)

Michael Maggio missed his mommy, as did Mikey’s father, John.  Angie Maggio never recovered from her cancer, and it seemed that neither the father nor the son would recover emotionally.
 Then one day,  Johnny found a crayon drawing of a beautiful lady and her daughter.  Angie had enjoyed spending time with her husband en femme.  Did Mikey  want to feel girlish and pretty too?
“Your dress is as beautiful as mine, Megan,” Jackie cooed to her child, both as happy as they had been in a year.  

“We both look good in pink, Mommy,” her daughter assured her with a giggle.

Tony, the kind and handsome photographer the makeover studio hired to take the pictures of the family, agreed.  A week later, he took both new girls out for a fun date to see a family movie.