Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Life They Want … and Need! (and your guys want + need you, Maggie, Steph!)

The Life They Want …
and Need!

“Oh look, it’s Margaret and Stephanie,” Samuel Nicks said to his dad, Michael, as he showed Mike the picture saved on his phone.  It was a glamour shot of a mother and daughter, both with auburn hair, bright eyes, and wearing gowns that showed off a little cleavage.
Mike and Sam looked at each other and grinned.  Mike then pulled out his phone.  “I got a text – or rather, Maggie got a text from Ralph.  He misses her.   Have you, or Steph, heard from  Joey, recently?”
“Who do you think sent me this photo, Dad?  He really misses her, and wants to pick up where they left off last summer,” mused Sam.  “He also misses see Mom and Ralph, and they have been in touch.”
“Must be why Ralph sent me this proposal, and by proposal, I mean he wants to make Maggie his wife.  He’ll pay for everything, god knows he’s loaded.  He wants Steph back in his life to, he loved how you called him Daddy.  Now that he’s in cahoots with Joey…”
“So let’s stop beating around the bush dad!  What do you want?  Let me tell you what I want – I want us to go back the salon, get those hair extensions, save our bodies, take those hormones, put on those gorgeous gowns, do our makeup, and knock on Ralph’s door.”
“Oh my (sigh)  well, I want that too.  And I want to be back with my beautiful daughter again.  And with my Ralph.  As his wife, in his bed!”
“And that’s where I want my Joey (giggle),  all night long.  And in the morning, I want to slip into my pretty bathrobe and join my Mom in the kitchen for coffee and a little girl talk about our amazing sex lives!”
“I want all of that too!  But if our boys have a little morning wood, we’ll just start our a day a little later! J So what are we waiting for?”

“Let’s go find those two sexy redheads, Mom, so they can be with their men! To never want, to be the ones they cherish, love, and pleasure. I want to be a happy wife, and your proud daughter.   Just like you!”

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