Saturday, January 24, 2015

Remember THESE Guys? (They became three generations of unforgettable women!)

Remember THESE Guys?
HELEN: What are you girls looking… oh, Holy sh… !  I remember those guys!

AMY: I remember them, Nana.  I just can’t think of myself of being one of them.  This was just two years ago, can you believe it?

KAREN: Mom, Amy came across this in the stuff we hid in the attic after the WPS set up our new identities.  Now that the Shah gang has been sent to prison, we were just reflecting on how far we’ve come together!

HELEN:  That’s so true, honey.  I mean, I was Hank, and you were my son Kenny, and she was my grandson Alec, and we saw that horrible murder by those ghastly men.  We needed to protect ourselves, but insisted on staying a family.  Gender switching was the only way we could do that, but the DNA technology was still new and could have killed us.  But here we are – real women, and three generations in one little house.

KAREN: Three hormonal women, that is.  Oh, I can’t wait for Eric to see me in the new dress you both helped me pick out!

AMY: It’s way hot, Mom, and Tyson will love the skirt I chose.  Shows off my legs!

HELEN: Unless I steal it for my date – I’m kidding, honey!  Oh,  it’s funny how that tragedy has turned into a blessing for us!

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