Sunday, January 11, 2015

MADAME JAE: No Time To Waste… (Tess to Emily + Jodie: Carpe Dayum!)

No Time To Waste…
A wide smile formed over Timothy Connell’s ruby red lips.  He turned to face the stranger, making sure that his newly acquired bosom was seen and appreciated.  “There he is,” Tim said to his companions – son Elliott and grandson James.  “There’s the man I’m going sleep with tonight.”

Elliott and Jimmy nearly lost their balance, despite their ease and grace in their heels.  The two week crash course the Connell men had at Madame Jae’s  - makeovers, wardrobe, and flirting 101 – along with the wondrous Jae Juice body reshaping and lust triggers – had make three generations of guys into a trio of leggy, curvy, raven haired goddesses.  But this was the first time any of them had ventured into a public setting (the monthly J-club social) and even considered – intimacy with a… MAN?

“Mom, are you sure?  We just got here.” whispered  a concerned Emily.  

Well, at my age,” cooed the horny Tess, “I may only have 40 to 50 years of amazing sex left to experience!  There’s no time to waste, girls!”  

“Granma!” Jodie giggled; then she looked up and saw a college boy smiling at her.  “Don’t wait up for me too , Mom!” she said to Emily as she dashed away to say hello to the strapping young man who would eventually take her cherry. 

“I guess I better find a man quick, before you two harlots leave me high and dry,” Emily smirked.  But with her killer legs and model looks, she wasn’t alone for long!


Dee Mentia said...

Wondering how many customers that Madame Jae has served now! Is anyone their original gender anymore? LOL

Also wanted to let you know that I made a caption for you and left it in your folder at Rachel's Haven.

Annabelle Raven said...

Cool, I will check it out! And LOL, MJ's has become my default celebrity pic using resource. I feel like a director with a casting couch, only wanting to be the starlet and then get bedded ;)