Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greener Pastures (Ramona + familia cross the border into happiness)

Greener Pastures
Ricardo Colon dreamt that one day, he would not be simply another “illegal alien” living in the US, fearful for being caught and sent home in shame.  Rather, he worked hard and sent his pay home to support his son Miguel, who was in the care of Ricardo’s father, Ernesto.  If his wishes came true, than his beloved papa and his pride and joy, young Miggy would make their way here.
Ricardo worked many jobs, including that of a gardener to biochemist. David Collins.  David was a widower, having lost his wife Frieda in an auto accident, who had come from Ricardo’s hometown.  Unlike many of his employers, Ricardo had a very friendly relationship with David, and he grew sympathetic to David dealing with his grief.  In turn, David wanted to help Ricardo bring his family to the States – and he had a crazy but amazing plan. 
David revealed a shocking truth about Frieda– he was born Francisco!  David revealed that he was interested in men who wanted to be women.  And through his DNA experiment, he had found a gender altering drug that turned Frieda into a beautiful genetic woman.   Ricardo thought about David’s offer – he surprised himself when he said yes.   His heart was with David from then on.

Six months later,  Ramona was a stunning Latina beauty and a fully functioning woman, and she and David quickly became lovers, and she cried when David asked her to marry her.  “But what of my family?” she feared.  

That’s when a woman and a girl that looked a little familiar walked into their house.  “Meet Estella, your beautiful mother, and Maria, your precious daughter.  I had associates who snuck them into this country, and shared your happiness after being exposed to the compound.” 

At Ramona’s wedding, all three new Colon ladies enjoyed the attention that their escorts paid to them as they danced.

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