Saturday, January 31, 2015

Down To Puck! (Angela + Melissa: 2 "girls" 1 (Stanley) Cup)

Down To Puck!
Matt Prentice loved hockey, especially his Phoenix Coyotes team.  His brother Alan was a much more casual fan – he spent more of his energies perfecting his femme identity of Angela, a sassy blonde who loved to pose in costume. 
For Christmas, Angie got Matt a special backstage pass to meet the team at the arena – but it was really an audition for the Coyote ice girls who swept the ice during time outs to the delight of the fans – and players.  In her debut as Melissa, Angie’s new sister looked quite yummy. 
The Prentice girls were then asked out by Yvon the winger and Gordie the goalie.  Missy soon found out that the goalie was pretty proficient at scoring on the cute red-haired babe!   And she loved his “stick handling…”

Angie was thrilled that she now had found a way for the new sisters to merge their hobbies.  And word got around the league quick, that in Arizona, there were two punk bunny T-girls could melt the ice with their bodies!