Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daddy’s Princesses (the three C's charm their way in Cali)

Daddy’s Princesses
Now before you judge us from this picture as being as shallow  and vain as the other people you see in Beverly Hills…

My name is Crystal Jennings, but I was born Carl Morris.  I was homeless, having been taken by my spiteful ex-wife after revealing by true gender feelings.  I was also denied visitation of Carter and Clayton,  my sons.  I was living in shelters and trying to live as a woman, and went through some demeaning experiences.

Through blessings from above, I found my hero: Greg is a record exec who was volunteering at women’s shelter, and I tearfully shared my whole tale.  He made sure I got a place to live, and could pay for my medical treatments, and eventual surgery.  How could I not follow in love with me, and he felt the same about me!

He even paid off Sally, my ex, to win custody of the children, who were so happy to accept me as their mommy.  They apparently felt as much like girls as I did!   

Today, Clarissa and Courtney enjoy the same things that I do – shopping for pretty clothes, our long blonde hair, and making “Daddy” smile!  Yes, we are all his princesses!  

But  after the girls are in bed, “Prince Charming” is all MINE… (wink)

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