Sunday, January 25, 2015

Birthday Surprise! (Danielle + Teresa always love the hot candles!)

BIRTHDAY Surprise!
Tom Rodgers felt the intrusion within him, and yelped! This… THIS is all Doug’s fault! he thought to himself.  College was supposed to make a MAN out of him!  But the kid came home looking like a blonde SLUT.  A cute coed, all the way down to the belly ring and tramp stamp.   

Where did I go wrong?  I’m a good single father!    

But, right now, his thoughts were clouding.

Tom had worked for Stan Grabowski for 20 years.  They had many a beer and chased many a skirt.  But right now, Stan was fucking the hell out of Tom.  And Tom was starting to lose an understanding of why, how, and other questions about why his boss had him bent over the couch – or why he was wearing stiletto heels.  Or having long brown hair. Or tits.  Or why Stan was calling her – HER – Terri.  

Or why – WHY – did it feel so damm good to have a hard pulsing cock pistoning out of her full feminine buttocks!  Oh God!

Then a voice, a squeal.  “Mom – do you love the gift that Mr. G is giving you. (pant)  it was all my idea!”


And the sissy MILF – and her lover – did come at that moment.  As did Teresa’s happy, horny daughter Danielle, who was diddling her little clitty.  She knew that, once her boring father became her kinky shemale mother, that they would finally be on the same page.  Danni sighed, knowing that her Marty would be joining the trio soon for a full night of fucking and sucking!

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