Saturday, January 31, 2015

Down To Puck! (Angela + Melissa: 2 "girls" 1 (Stanley) Cup)

Down To Puck!
Matt Prentice loved hockey, especially his Phoenix Coyotes team.  His brother Alan was a much more casual fan – he spent more of his energies perfecting his femme identity of Angela, a sassy blonde who loved to pose in costume. 
For Christmas, Angie got Matt a special backstage pass to meet the team at the arena – but it was really an audition for the Coyote ice girls who swept the ice during time outs to the delight of the fans – and players.  In her debut as Melissa, Angie’s new sister looked quite yummy. 
The Prentice girls were then asked out by Yvon the winger and Gordie the goalie.  Missy soon found out that the goalie was pretty proficient at scoring on the cute red-haired babe!   And she loved his “stick handling…”

Angie was thrilled that she now had found a way for the new sisters to merge their hobbies.  And word got around the league quick, that in Arizona, there were two punk bunny T-girls could melt the ice with their bodies!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Birthday Surprise! (Danielle + Teresa always love the hot candles!)

BIRTHDAY Surprise!
Tom Rodgers felt the intrusion within him, and yelped! This… THIS is all Doug’s fault! he thought to himself.  College was supposed to make a MAN out of him!  But the kid came home looking like a blonde SLUT.  A cute coed, all the way down to the belly ring and tramp stamp.   

Where did I go wrong?  I’m a good single father!    

But, right now, his thoughts were clouding.

Tom had worked for Stan Grabowski for 20 years.  They had many a beer and chased many a skirt.  But right now, Stan was fucking the hell out of Tom.  And Tom was starting to lose an understanding of why, how, and other questions about why his boss had him bent over the couch – or why he was wearing stiletto heels.  Or having long brown hair. Or tits.  Or why Stan was calling her – HER – Terri.  

Or why – WHY – did it feel so damm good to have a hard pulsing cock pistoning out of her full feminine buttocks!  Oh God!

Then a voice, a squeal.  “Mom – do you love the gift that Mr. G is giving you. (pant)  it was all my idea!”


And the sissy MILF – and her lover – did come at that moment.  As did Teresa’s happy, horny daughter Danielle, who was diddling her little clitty.  She knew that, once her boring father became her kinky shemale mother, that they would finally be on the same page.  Danni sighed, knowing that her Marty would be joining the trio soon for a full night of fucking and sucking!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Remember THESE Guys? (They became three generations of unforgettable women!)

Remember THESE Guys?
HELEN: What are you girls looking… oh, Holy sh… !  I remember those guys!

AMY: I remember them, Nana.  I just can’t think of myself of being one of them.  This was just two years ago, can you believe it?

KAREN: Mom, Amy came across this in the stuff we hid in the attic after the WPS set up our new identities.  Now that the Shah gang has been sent to prison, we were just reflecting on how far we’ve come together!

HELEN:  That’s so true, honey.  I mean, I was Hank, and you were my son Kenny, and she was my grandson Alec, and we saw that horrible murder by those ghastly men.  We needed to protect ourselves, but insisted on staying a family.  Gender switching was the only way we could do that, but the DNA technology was still new and could have killed us.  But here we are – real women, and three generations in one little house.

KAREN: Three hormonal women, that is.  Oh, I can’t wait for Eric to see me in the new dress you both helped me pick out!

AMY: It’s way hot, Mom, and Tyson will love the skirt I chose.  Shows off my legs!

HELEN: Unless I steal it for my date – I’m kidding, honey!  Oh,  it’s funny how that tragedy has turned into a blessing for us!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Life They Want … and Need! (and your guys want + need you, Maggie, Steph!)

The Life They Want …
and Need!

“Oh look, it’s Margaret and Stephanie,” Samuel Nicks said to his dad, Michael, as he showed Mike the picture saved on his phone.  It was a glamour shot of a mother and daughter, both with auburn hair, bright eyes, and wearing gowns that showed off a little cleavage.
Mike and Sam looked at each other and grinned.  Mike then pulled out his phone.  “I got a text – or rather, Maggie got a text from Ralph.  He misses her.   Have you, or Steph, heard from  Joey, recently?”
“Who do you think sent me this photo, Dad?  He really misses her, and wants to pick up where they left off last summer,” mused Sam.  “He also misses see Mom and Ralph, and they have been in touch.”
“Must be why Ralph sent me this proposal, and by proposal, I mean he wants to make Maggie his wife.  He’ll pay for everything, god knows he’s loaded.  He wants Steph back in his life to, he loved how you called him Daddy.  Now that he’s in cahoots with Joey…”
“So let’s stop beating around the bush dad!  What do you want?  Let me tell you what I want – I want us to go back the salon, get those hair extensions, save our bodies, take those hormones, put on those gorgeous gowns, do our makeup, and knock on Ralph’s door.”
“Oh my (sigh)  well, I want that too.  And I want to be back with my beautiful daughter again.  And with my Ralph.  As his wife, in his bed!”
“And that’s where I want my Joey (giggle),  all night long.  And in the morning, I want to slip into my pretty bathrobe and join my Mom in the kitchen for coffee and a little girl talk about our amazing sex lives!”
“I want all of that too!  But if our boys have a little morning wood, we’ll just start our a day a little later! J So what are we waiting for?”

“Let’s go find those two sexy redheads, Mom, so they can be with their men! To never want, to be the ones they cherish, love, and pleasure. I want to be a happy wife, and your proud daughter.   Just like you!”

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lip Locked (Natalie admires Brenda for being such a mother/pucker)


Nicholas:  Hey, look at us in the rear view mirror, Dad.  We look like twins.

Brent: We sure do!  Long flowing blonde hair.  Bright blue eyes.  And those lips!

Nicholas:  Well, there the similarity ends.  Your top is a little more low cut than mine and you have a..

Brent: Showcase for this necklace? (giggle)  Well, I think you will find that the more hormones you take, the more your curves will be noticed by all, Natalie.

Natalie:  Well, I already see how guys react to your curves, Mom.  I still can’t believe we’re going to have our transitions together. 

Brenda:  I am loving being your mother – and being a woman, and with tonight’s double date, I get the best of both worlds – a hunk for me, and watching you learn how to handle a cute boy.

Natalie: But I’m nervous.  I’m not ready to… go all the way with Jimmy, Mom.

Brenda: Nor I with George… not on the first date.  But if they treat us right, we can always give them a kiss; the kind to remember us by.

Natalie: So that’s why you wanted us to wear this shade of lipstick!   Haha – they don’t stand a chance!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

MADAME JAE: No Time To Waste… (Tess to Emily + Jodie: Carpe Dayum!)

No Time To Waste…
A wide smile formed over Timothy Connell’s ruby red lips.  He turned to face the stranger, making sure that his newly acquired bosom was seen and appreciated.  “There he is,” Tim said to his companions – son Elliott and grandson James.  “There’s the man I’m going sleep with tonight.”

Elliott and Jimmy nearly lost their balance, despite their ease and grace in their heels.  The two week crash course the Connell men had at Madame Jae’s  - makeovers, wardrobe, and flirting 101 – along with the wondrous Jae Juice body reshaping and lust triggers – had make three generations of guys into a trio of leggy, curvy, raven haired goddesses.  But this was the first time any of them had ventured into a public setting (the monthly J-club social) and even considered – intimacy with a… MAN?

“Mom, are you sure?  We just got here.” whispered  a concerned Emily.  

Well, at my age,” cooed the horny Tess, “I may only have 40 to 50 years of amazing sex left to experience!  There’s no time to waste, girls!”  

“Granma!” Jodie giggled; then she looked up and saw a college boy smiling at her.  “Don’t wait up for me too , Mom!” she said to Emily as she dashed away to say hello to the strapping young man who would eventually take her cherry. 

“I guess I better find a man quick, before you two harlots leave me high and dry,” Emily smirked.  But with her killer legs and model looks, she wasn’t alone for long!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Ladies of the House (Tabitha + Lana welcome you with open arms)

Solomon Jordan sat down across from his wife Tabitha and his step-daughter Lana. His “ladies” as usual were laughing and having a little girl talk.  “Are you giving Lana a little honeymoon night advice?” Sol asked.  

“Daddy!  Antony and I have been intimate for six month now,” Lana replied.  

“That’s kind of a personal question, baby,” cooed Tabitha as she embraced her daughter.  

“Well, does he know about… Lewis?” he replied, referring to Lana pre-transition.

“Yes, and he knows about Terrence as well.  We knew he was the right man for her, because, like you, it didn't matter to him that his future wife – and mother-in-law, were born with male bodies,” his wife reassured him.  

“Well, Tony is a smart brother as well as having a great career, humility, and… obviously, he has great taste in the women in life.  I’m thrilled to have him as part of our family.  Now , let’s talk about the budget for this wedding.”

Mother and daughter laughed and jumped up to hug and kiss him.  Solomon knew he could never say no to these two beauties!  And Tabitha had taught her daughter more than a few tricks to keep her man wrapped around her finger.  Every night, Solomon willingly acquiesced to his sexy wife !

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greener Pastures (Ramona + familia cross the border into happiness)

Greener Pastures
Ricardo Colon dreamt that one day, he would not be simply another “illegal alien” living in the US, fearful for being caught and sent home in shame.  Rather, he worked hard and sent his pay home to support his son Miguel, who was in the care of Ricardo’s father, Ernesto.  If his wishes came true, than his beloved papa and his pride and joy, young Miggy would make their way here.
Ricardo worked many jobs, including that of a gardener to biochemist. David Collins.  David was a widower, having lost his wife Frieda in an auto accident, who had come from Ricardo’s hometown.  Unlike many of his employers, Ricardo had a very friendly relationship with David, and he grew sympathetic to David dealing with his grief.  In turn, David wanted to help Ricardo bring his family to the States – and he had a crazy but amazing plan. 
David revealed a shocking truth about Frieda– he was born Francisco!  David revealed that he was interested in men who wanted to be women.  And through his DNA experiment, he had found a gender altering drug that turned Frieda into a beautiful genetic woman.   Ricardo thought about David’s offer – he surprised himself when he said yes.   His heart was with David from then on.

Six months later,  Ramona was a stunning Latina beauty and a fully functioning woman, and she and David quickly became lovers, and she cried when David asked her to marry her.  “But what of my family?” she feared.  

That’s when a woman and a girl that looked a little familiar walked into their house.  “Meet Estella, your beautiful mother, and Maria, your precious daughter.  I had associates who snuck them into this country, and shared your happiness after being exposed to the compound.” 

At Ramona’s wedding, all three new Colon ladies enjoyed the attention that their escorts paid to them as they danced.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daddy’s Princesses (the three C's charm their way in Cali)

Daddy’s Princesses
Now before you judge us from this picture as being as shallow  and vain as the other people you see in Beverly Hills…

My name is Crystal Jennings, but I was born Carl Morris.  I was homeless, having been taken by my spiteful ex-wife after revealing by true gender feelings.  I was also denied visitation of Carter and Clayton,  my sons.  I was living in shelters and trying to live as a woman, and went through some demeaning experiences.

Through blessings from above, I found my hero: Greg is a record exec who was volunteering at women’s shelter, and I tearfully shared my whole tale.  He made sure I got a place to live, and could pay for my medical treatments, and eventual surgery.  How could I not follow in love with me, and he felt the same about me!

He even paid off Sally, my ex, to win custody of the children, who were so happy to accept me as their mommy.  They apparently felt as much like girls as I did!   

Today, Clarissa and Courtney enjoy the same things that I do – shopping for pretty clothes, our long blonde hair, and making “Daddy” smile!  Yes, we are all his princesses!  

But  after the girls are in bed, “Prince Charming” is all MINE… (wink)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Through Her Eyes (Pam's new mini-me, Jessi)

Through Her Eyes
Why did my dad, Paul Gaines embarrass me this way – by dressing and carrying on like some demented drag queen?  Why?

That was a question I asked myself for the last six years, ever since Dad went through his “changes.”  He tried to explain to me that he – she that is – was a woman inside named Pamela.  It was who she needed to be.  But I was too young, to selfish, and too scared to admit what Dad – or Mom as she asked me to call her – was saying.
So instead, I was surly, disrespectful, and just rude to her at times when she was showing me what
cute dress she bought or where her boyfriend took her for a romantic dinner.  I would just roll my eyes.   Finally, she had enough.   

“Justin, I’m tired of your attitude.  I wish you could see things through my eyes.  Hmmm… I have an idea…”
I told my Mom that the only reason I would do this was to get a car for my 17th birthday.  But somewhere along the way… I found myself really getting into being Jessica.  Into being a pretty girl, going shopping with her mom, talking about life.  Finding cute clothes for both of us.  Hearing her talk about how wonderful Clint made her feel.   I found myself vicariously  living through her accounts of dancing with him, walking along the beach, and those kisses!

Then, one night Mom and Clint introduced me  to  Eric, his nephew on a double date.  And after few weeks, I couldn’t stop talking about how perfect he was.

Mom just laughed and gave me a hug and kiss.  “Not bad for a couple of demented love struck drag queens, huh Jessi?”