Monday, December 8, 2014



What does this mean, my friends?

It means that this blog is very close to 1000 posts.  And I am at a crossroads.  Please note, this is not a "I'm leaving" post.

Far from it.  I hope that my work lasts forever. Now, whether it will exist on Blogger, or DeviantArt, or Rachel's Haven, or wherever, who can say?

Why have my efforts on here slowed down?  Many reasons.  I have less time, less ideas, and maybe I've done that concept 200 times...

But I am proud of my work.  I have taken a very unique concept - TG caps and stories with families "doing it together" - and made a niche for myself.
I am FAR from done.  But in case you see days or weeks go by, just know, I keep this blog going for two people:
ME and YOU

Love, Annabelle xxoo  


Elena Starz said...

A preemptive congratulation on an amazing achievement - that number is a testament to your wonderful captioning ability, personalization of a great theme, and of course just the overall warmth you exude. I know that your blog, both your work and the links to other's work your provide, has inspired/affected so many people (myself included) in an extremely positive way. So from ME to YOU, thank you so much Annabelle.

Elena Starz

Dee Mentia said...

That's a metric shit ton of posts!

Congrats and here's hoping there are many more coming down the pike!

Amel Annaba said...

I have posted over 1000 posts on my blog and more on my Deviantart and I'm also slowing it down because of time and the lack of ideas, it's getting really hard to have good content when everything in your mind is drained

Living as Stephanie now said...

I have really enjoyed your post

Annabelle Raven said...

Thank you all, and I'm glad to have entertained you. Like I said, we're not finished here, but I do feel "slower" so if you see days or weeks go without a peep from me, don't worry. Happy holidays