Monday, December 22, 2014

The Perfect Gifts (Anita + Rebecca, sans wrapping and bows)

The Perfect Gifts
Jeffrey Mayne  is pretty good guy to work for, if you ask his assistant Richard Mills or Rich’s son, Adam, who got a pretty sweet gig as Jeff’s intern.  Now, Jeff knew he needed to show the feds that he was encouraging diversity in the workforce, so he met with the duo, and he knew that they both were not really the alpha male types that dominate corporate America.  He had a proposal; a little elective plastic surgery, coupled with some hormones and some tapes to listen to.  Just before the Christmas holidays, they agreed to meet at Jeff’s mansion at the hills.  

“Mom, they feel great, thanks for the nice gifts, Mr. Mayne,” giggled Anita, as Jeff felt how nice her new tits had grown in, and doing the same to her sissified parent.

“Looks like he got us another gift, honey,” cooed the now busty Rebecca, as the T-girls licked their lips at the pulsing erection of their leader, now lord and man of the house.

“I think a raise is in order, girls.  I wonder which of you I should give it to first,” chuckled the boss.   

An intensive six hour “annual review” would be under way soon!

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