Sunday, December 28, 2014

MOTB Tales: Old and New Traditions (Arianna's big fab Greek family wedding)

MOTB Tales: Old and New Traditions

“Jack!  You are NOT supposed to see your bride when she’s getting ready to marry you, you cute and ignorant jerk!,” laughed Arianna Costas to her excited fiancee, lawyer Jack Barros.
“Sorry, babe.  I knew how well you had turned out as a woman, but I wanted to see how your kid brother and dad looked as girls.”

Marty Costas winced and his youngest Shaun palmed his pretty face.  They did look as gorgeous as the bride.  Natural looking curves and immaculate makeup.  Weeks of planning was paying off.

Arianna smiled and wiped a small tear as she looked at Monica and Sophie with pride.  “Well, you know that Mom and sis are in my wedding party.  You’ll be seeing a lot of them today.  But I understand.  Go tell your uncle Roy and cousin Danny that their escorts for the ceremony will  be pleased.”
The groom turned and went down to the chapel.

“Men are so easy  to control," Arianna sighed.

“If Mom and I can have our dates look at us the way Jack looks at you, sis, then… wow,” gushed Sophie.  “What do you mean if, honey?” smirked Monica.  “Maybe we should reserve two more suites here at the hotel for what happens AFTER the reception.” 

The mother and two daughters couldn’t stop their giggling! 

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