Sunday, December 14, 2014

Madame Jae: "YO, Adrian!" (Sometimes, having 4 T-girls in your house can be a lil... rocky)

YO, Adrian!

“Penny for your thoughts, babe?” Stella Valvoni asked her husband of one year, Adrian Valvoni.   

Adrian and Stella had met at a J-Club mixer two years ago, and they hit it off immediately.  Adrian was more than sexually attracted to the leggy brunette T-girl who was born Simon Eaton; he truly was a kind-hearted fellow.  Stella loved how he treated her like a lady and listened to her talk about her failed marriage as a man and having to raise her three sons as a single mom.  He was so understanding, so charming (and an amazing, gifted lover, Stella soon found out.)

“Well, babe, I’m thrilled that your kids were so accepting of you becoming a woman – and so supportive,”  Adrian mumbled as he looked over a smiling trio.   

He had an arm around the youngest, Cody, while the older brothers, Zach and Travis, stood close to their new mom.  Such good boys – except in their dresses, heels, and long hair do’s, they were as feminine as their former father.   They were blossoming as females right before his eyes!

“They all wanted to be girls?  I mean, if it makes em happy, I’m certainly all for that.  But I kind of wish at one would have stayed a boy, and we could have gone to a ball game, and…”

Stella shrugged her shoulders and smiled.   

“C’mon Daddy, I wanna dance with you,” Caitlyn said as she pulled Adrian out on the dance floor.  

 Adrian watched as Zelda and Tina were asked to dance by some young J-Clubbers, and realized he was outnumbered by pretty girls.  Stella watched with pride.