Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Angels Among Us (Cassie + Jenny, it's a wonderful life as girls) MERRY X-DRESS-MAS!

Angels Among Us
 At his young age, Colin Taylor knew more about hardship than many kids his age.  He had been bullied and shamed for expressing his feelings, that he felt like a girl on the inside.  He also knew that in trying to be there for him, his single father John had scarified so much.  John had obstracized his family for not trying to “fix” Colin.  Then John lost his job, and then the apartment.  They trudged from soup kitchens to shelters, trying to scrape by.  Then on Christmas Eve, there was no room, so they lay down under a highway bypass.  Cold, shivering, feeling helpless and out of hope.  No Merry Christmas.

Then a light, and a comforting voice roused John.  “Jenny, wake up, honey.  It’s Christmas morning.”  John looked in the mirror and saw him… herself as a woman.   

A beautiful brunette living a wonderful house, no longer out in the cold.  Then, a tug at her nightgown.  It was Colin – or Cassandra?   

The pretty young girl mouthed “Dad?” – they barely recognized each other.   

“Call me Mom,” Jennifer smiled at Cassie, and she hugged her daughter fiercely.  

This posed picture, in their new sweaters, was forever cherished by the family.  It was proof  to Jenny and Cassie that miracles do come true!