Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Mile In Her Shoes (Madeline brings Nina "home")

A mile in her shoes
For ten years, I was embarrassed to call Michael Parker my father.  He left me alone at age 14, with that bitch who birthed me, to “find herself.”  Yes, he wanted to be a woman, and I couldn’t comprehend.  Then one day, an email from “Madeline.”   

A free trip to Las Vegas?  Sure.  

 I was not prepared for the blonde beauty who greeted me with her boobs in my face.   Turns out she had started as a tranny escort, and caught the eye of a casino exec, and now looked a piece surgically perfect arm candy.   

We talked for hours, and she said with a taunt in her smile, “Walk a mile in my shoes, Nathan– how about Nina?  I always wanted to be a mom, and I think you would make a pretty and sexy girl.  You do take after me, and my doctors can take care of the rest.  Trust me, money is NO object.  Especially when you have a man wrapped around your pretty little finger.”
That was six months ago; tonight, her husband – and his buddy, my new boyfriend, are taking Mom and I to the hottest spot on the Strip.   

“And at breakfast, we can discuss your how amazing sex is with a real man.”   

Oh Mom, I hope you have more sexy fun in store for us!

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