Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two For One (Want Serena? Then you'll desire Missy as well!)

Two For One

Growing up, Matt Welsh couldn’t be more different than his father, Scott.  Matt liked comic books, and Scott liked cars.  Dad loved country music, and the lad was a heavy metal kid.  Old man loved baseball, the boy watched hockey.
While home from college one summer, Matt caught Scott in a long brown wig, earrings, wearing a sexy dress.  You might think that Matt would be disgusted at his dad being a sissy , and a transvestite.

And you would be so very wrong!

A few months later, Serena and Missy would be taking two guys home from the bar.  “No way – you’re mother and daughter?  You look so alike!”   

Serena winked at her “little girl”.  They both were hot babes with long hair, pretty eyes, and a taste for sucking cock.  And after Missy swallowed Tom, she went over to Pete and switched places with Mom.  Two for the price one, fellows.  Hard to fathom how much they were now alike!

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Anzaleth X said...

*sigh* Is anything more heart-warming than a father and son finding something exciting to bond over?