Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Family’s Last Stop (Stephanie, Tiffany + Amanda find peace, love, + some cute dresses)

The Family’s Last Stop 
Stan Crosby  knew that his boys Tommy & Alex were tired of living a lie, as they all had to assume new identities to allow Stan to catch the bad guys while working undercover  for the CIA.  
  “This will be out last stop – but it’s going to be our most radical change yet,” Stan warned them.      
As Tiffany & Amanda posed along with their Mom, Stephanie  was still amazed at how naturally they all had assumed female roles.  The WPP was very, very thorough in their showing them how to walk, talk, and think like ladies.  But, eventually, it would be up to Mom – Steph - to show her daughters first hand how to find the right guy to flirt with, the right guy to date, and, one dayday,  find Mr. Right and become his sexy bride.
This glamour shot was taken on vacation.  Tony, Steph’s hunky fiancé loved it – so did Tiff and Mandy’s new, cute boyfriends!      ;)

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