Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shopping Trip Debrief (Simone + Julie have impressed the family's original girl)

Shopping Trip Debrief

Jon: Kimberly?!  Heh – funny running into you here, at the mall of all places!
Seth: Yea, ummm… yea, what a coincidence to see you here… today…
Kim:  Well, I do still live in the same neighborhood as you both. I am the one who introduced you to cross-dressing and gave you those makeovers…
Jon: Not so loud., please.  This is our first time out together in the daytime.
Kim:  Well, I heard through the grapevine, Julie, that you have been on a couple of dates in the last few weeks.  And that our little Simone has her 1st dance as a pretty teenage girl that she’ll be attending this Friday night…
Julie:  I thought you were going to keep that our secret, young lady…
Simone: I’m sorry Mom… but Mom here bribed me by buying that really cute lingerie set I was interested in.  Boy – it’s a little confusing here having both my moms here.  At least I stopped calling you Dad…  
Kim:  Sweetie, your Mom and I… that is odd to say… we did talk to you about this.  The person who fathered you accepted that in heart and soul that she was a woman on the inside, and now she is well on her way to becoming one on the outside.  And by recognizing that you felt the same as a youngster, you’ll be your true self earlier.  I still love you both and I love how well you are bonding as mother and daughter!
Julie:  And we still love you, Kim, and always will.  It’s just that as I told our daughter here – we have to do this for ourselves.  And she’s doing great – and today we’re looking for that perfect jaw-dropping dress!
Simone:  And heels!  Like those hot ones you wore last night, Mom!
Kim:  Oh I heard about this too!  So Gary liked your legs and ass when you strutted out to his car in those streetwalker-class stilettos? 
Julie:  Sigh…  so I guess  my entire date has been part of your conversations.
Simone:  Oh, trust me, Mom, I’m playing plenty of attention to your and your passionate adventures.  I’m blessed to have two hot moms to learn sexy from!

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