Friday, November 28, 2014

Reunited As Girls (Suzie + daughters might come home with you!)

The family had been apart FAR too long!  Since all five of Stan Henner’s boys had last been together, Craig (the eldest) finished med school; Marc had been signed by the Red Sox, Eric became a bartender in LA, and Vance finished his time in the Coast Guard.  Stan was damn proud of his sons! 
But today, Suzie was just so delighted that her “girls” were back! It had been a long, four year sabbatical since they had worn dresses as family.  Before starting her residency at Hopkins, Christy wanted to spend a few weeks with her little sisters Monica, Emma, Vicki, and especially her mom.  

 Christy challenged her family to bed at least one sexy man before they went back to their old lives.  Hot as they were (especially the cleavy Suzie), that was no problem.

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