Saturday, November 29, 2014

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom! (Alison + Celeste on the road to peace + princesses)

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom!
“Dad, our hair is growing, long and golden.  It’s… like magic!” exclaimed an excited Anthony Collins to his father Clint as the young parent drove the family car southbound. 

When they got their tickets for a week at Disney, it included a special box of candy that was to be eaten as they drove the hundreds of miles.  A crossdresser who had been dormant since he became a dad, Clint had dreamt of waltzing out of the Princess Castle, getting the attention of the crowd, and perhaps 
she could show her son a thing of too about being a princess!   

“Hurry, Mom, I can’t wait to get to Florida and we can try on our bikinis,” cheered a now blossoming cutie Alison.   

Celeste grinned at Alison and suggested that they stop at the outlets along I-95 and get some cute tops, shoes, and perhaps – ball gowns?   

“Get ready – we have to look pretty for the princes we’ll meet there!”

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