Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MOTB Tales: Thankful Brides (Molly + Katie have a hunger for some hunky Pilgrims)

MOTB Tales: Thankful Brides

Molly Jennings:  Sigh, it’s so wonderful to spend the holidays with ones you love, and I love you, my darling daughter.  When we think of how far we’ve come – me as Martin, depressed with my gender identity issues, and not connecting with my son Keith.  My ex runs off with you as a child, and I don’t see you for a decade.  
Katie Jennings:  You changed your body to match the soul of the woman you always were, and you were just the person I needed by my side to address who I was.  I became your daughter and I forever accepted that it was you that was my one true mother, my greatest role model.  I love you and can’t thank you enough, Mom.
Molly :  And now, I’m so thankful that my little girl is “growing up” to be a man’s wife.  And I get to plan your wedding – and help you pick your gown out – and my sexy MOTB dress too! Oh this will be fun!
Katie:  And Mom, you promise me, you need to teach me how to please my new husband in bed!  I mean, Rick has such an incredible body, and his cock… I mean…  (giggle) oh my God!
Molly :  You already figured out the most important part.  When I met Paul, I knew he was a perfect gentleman, and he was a stud who made me scream!  Relax, girl – Mom’s here to show you the way!

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