Saturday, November 1, 2014

Costume Magic: By Royal Decree… (Don't put those gowns up yet, girls)

Costume Magic:
By Royal Decree…
Greg Ryder was a young single dad, working two jobs to support his family after his long time girlfriend ran off with Greg’s best friend to Vegas.  Greg got support in rearing Kyle from his widower father Bruce.  Despite the presence of any palatable female influence, lil’ Kyle was seemingly showing signs of girlish intent– playing in the closest where his deceased grandmother’s finery was kept.  

 A psychologist confirmed for the Ryders that Kyle’s behavior should not be squelched.  On the contrary – and the guys were given a flyer for “Costume Magic.”  They thought it was a crazy idea, but the family got a flight to Orlando.

“Mom… I’m actually enjoying this,” the newest blonde “princess” Gina whispered to her father, who resembled a lovely and regal middle aged lady.    

“You’re checking out the handsome photographer, aren’t you?” snickered Bonnie.   

Sitting between them, Kerri was too young to understand why her mommy and grandma were giggling about guys.  But in the years to come, her role models would show Kerri how a princess can find her Prince Charming, and how to live happily ever after…

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