Saturday, November 29, 2014

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom! (Alison + Celeste on the road to peace + princesses)

Next Stop, Magic Kingdom!
“Dad, our hair is growing, long and golden.  It’s… like magic!” exclaimed an excited Anthony Collins to his father Clint as the young parent drove the family car southbound. 

When they got their tickets for a week at Disney, it included a special box of candy that was to be eaten as they drove the hundreds of miles.  A crossdresser who had been dormant since he became a dad, Clint had dreamt of waltzing out of the Princess Castle, getting the attention of the crowd, and perhaps 
she could show her son a thing of too about being a princess!   

“Hurry, Mom, I can’t wait to get to Florida and we can try on our bikinis,” cheered a now blossoming cutie Alison.   

Celeste grinned at Alison and suggested that they stop at the outlets along I-95 and get some cute tops, shoes, and perhaps – ball gowns?   

“Get ready – we have to look pretty for the princes we’ll meet there!”

Friday, November 28, 2014

Reunited As Girls (Suzie + daughters might come home with you!)

The family had been apart FAR too long!  Since all five of Stan Henner’s boys had last been together, Craig (the eldest) finished med school; Marc had been signed by the Red Sox, Eric became a bartender in LA, and Vance finished his time in the Coast Guard.  Stan was damn proud of his sons! 
But today, Suzie was just so delighted that her “girls” were back! It had been a long, four year sabbatical since they had worn dresses as family.  Before starting her residency at Hopkins, Christy wanted to spend a few weeks with her little sisters Monica, Emma, Vicki, and especially her mom.  

 Christy challenged her family to bed at least one sexy man before they went back to their old lives.  Hot as they were (especially the cleavy Suzie), that was no problem.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MOTB Tales: Thankful Brides (Molly + Katie have a hunger for some hunky Pilgrims)

MOTB Tales: Thankful Brides

Molly Jennings:  Sigh, it’s so wonderful to spend the holidays with ones you love, and I love you, my darling daughter.  When we think of how far we’ve come – me as Martin, depressed with my gender identity issues, and not connecting with my son Keith.  My ex runs off with you as a child, and I don’t see you for a decade.  
Katie Jennings:  You changed your body to match the soul of the woman you always were, and you were just the person I needed by my side to address who I was.  I became your daughter and I forever accepted that it was you that was my one true mother, my greatest role model.  I love you and can’t thank you enough, Mom.
Molly :  And now, I’m so thankful that my little girl is “growing up” to be a man’s wife.  And I get to plan your wedding – and help you pick your gown out – and my sexy MOTB dress too! Oh this will be fun!
Katie:  And Mom, you promise me, you need to teach me how to please my new husband in bed!  I mean, Rick has such an incredible body, and his cock… I mean…  (giggle) oh my God!
Molly :  You already figured out the most important part.  When I met Paul, I knew he was a perfect gentleman, and he was a stud who made me scream!  Relax, girl – Mom’s here to show you the way!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Two For One (Want Serena? Then you'll desire Missy as well!)

Two For One

Growing up, Matt Welsh couldn’t be more different than his father, Scott.  Matt liked comic books, and Scott liked cars.  Dad loved country music, and the lad was a heavy metal kid.  Old man loved baseball, the boy watched hockey.
While home from college one summer, Matt caught Scott in a long brown wig, earrings, wearing a sexy dress.  You might think that Matt would be disgusted at his dad being a sissy , and a transvestite.

And you would be so very wrong!

A few months later, Serena and Missy would be taking two guys home from the bar.  “No way – you’re mother and daughter?  You look so alike!”   

Serena winked at her “little girl”.  They both were hot babes with long hair, pretty eyes, and a taste for sucking cock.  And after Missy swallowed Tom, she went over to Pete and switched places with Mom.  Two for the price one, fellows.  Hard to fathom how much they were now alike!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Family’s Last Stop (Stephanie, Tiffany + Amanda find peace, love, + some cute dresses)

The Family’s Last Stop 
Stan Crosby  knew that his boys Tommy & Alex were tired of living a lie, as they all had to assume new identities to allow Stan to catch the bad guys while working undercover  for the CIA.  
  “This will be out last stop – but it’s going to be our most radical change yet,” Stan warned them.      
As Tiffany & Amanda posed along with their Mom, Stephanie  was still amazed at how naturally they all had assumed female roles.  The WPP was very, very thorough in their showing them how to walk, talk, and think like ladies.  But, eventually, it would be up to Mom – Steph - to show her daughters first hand how to find the right guy to flirt with, the right guy to date, and, one dayday,  find Mr. Right and become his sexy bride.
This glamour shot was taken on vacation.  Tony, Steph’s hunky fiancé loved it – so did Tiff and Mandy’s new, cute boyfriends!      ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shopping Trip Debrief (Simone + Julie have impressed the family's original girl)

Shopping Trip Debrief

Jon: Kimberly?!  Heh – funny running into you here, at the mall of all places!
Seth: Yea, ummm… yea, what a coincidence to see you here… today…
Kim:  Well, I do still live in the same neighborhood as you both. I am the one who introduced you to cross-dressing and gave you those makeovers…
Jon: Not so loud., please.  This is our first time out together in the daytime.
Kim:  Well, I heard through the grapevine, Julie, that you have been on a couple of dates in the last few weeks.  And that our little Simone has her 1st dance as a pretty teenage girl that she’ll be attending this Friday night…
Julie:  I thought you were going to keep that our secret, young lady…
Simone: I’m sorry Mom… but Mom here bribed me by buying that really cute lingerie set I was interested in.  Boy – it’s a little confusing here having both my moms here.  At least I stopped calling you Dad…  
Kim:  Sweetie, your Mom and I… that is odd to say… we did talk to you about this.  The person who fathered you accepted that in heart and soul that she was a woman on the inside, and now she is well on her way to becoming one on the outside.  And by recognizing that you felt the same as a youngster, you’ll be your true self earlier.  I still love you both and I love how well you are bonding as mother and daughter!
Julie:  And we still love you, Kim, and always will.  It’s just that as I told our daughter here – we have to do this for ourselves.  And she’s doing great – and today we’re looking for that perfect jaw-dropping dress!
Simone:  And heels!  Like those hot ones you wore last night, Mom!
Kim:  Oh I heard about this too!  So Gary liked your legs and ass when you strutted out to his car in those streetwalker-class stilettos? 
Julie:  Sigh…  so I guess  my entire date has been part of your conversations.
Simone:  Oh, trust me, Mom, I’m playing plenty of attention to your and your passionate adventures.  I’m blessed to have two hot moms to learn sexy from!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Costume Magic: By Royal Decree… (Don't put those gowns up yet, girls)

Costume Magic:
By Royal Decree…
Greg Ryder was a young single dad, working two jobs to support his family after his long time girlfriend ran off with Greg’s best friend to Vegas.  Greg got support in rearing Kyle from his widower father Bruce.  Despite the presence of any palatable female influence, lil’ Kyle was seemingly showing signs of girlish intent– playing in the closest where his deceased grandmother’s finery was kept.  

 A psychologist confirmed for the Ryders that Kyle’s behavior should not be squelched.  On the contrary – and the guys were given a flyer for “Costume Magic.”  They thought it was a crazy idea, but the family got a flight to Orlando.

“Mom… I’m actually enjoying this,” the newest blonde “princess” Gina whispered to her father, who resembled a lovely and regal middle aged lady.    

“You’re checking out the handsome photographer, aren’t you?” snickered Bonnie.   

Sitting between them, Kerri was too young to understand why her mommy and grandma were giggling about guys.  But in the years to come, her role models would show Kerri how a princess can find her Prince Charming, and how to live happily ever after…