Saturday, October 4, 2014

Three Pairs of Boots (Daughters to Denise: walk this way!)

Three Pairs of Boots
Leather footwear artist Donald Banks was looking forward to eventually teaching his sons Greg and Travis the fine art of making boots for cowboys, ren faire participants, and anyone else who wanted to rock a pair of soft plush kicks.  Thing is, the boys had their own passion building inside: Greg wanted to be get into women’s fashion design, and Travis wanted to be a salon stylist and beautician. 

 Don was befuddled as to why his boys wanted such sissy vocations, but then he read a blog on the Internet about transgender feelings – and he could have sworn they were talking about his children – and him as well.  He thought about his late wife and the fun they had before she died.

The family had a long talk and they came to an agreement.  Grace and Tiffany agreed to help design and make some lovely women’s boots, so long as Denise would show them how to make some matching mother/daughter dresses and take them to a makeover salon to pretty them up.  As a mom, Denise loved being a great female role model for her girls, while the young sisters giggled as they watched their Mom accept a man’s request to date.  They would dream of having their own romantic  dreams come true one day!

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