Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Glam-Fam (Caitlyn, Audrey, Linda - lights, camera, action!)

“Pops?  Dad and I don’t get it.  A glamour photo shoot?” Cliff Stone asked his grandfather Leo, on behalf of himself and Leo’s son, Adam.   

“Boys, ever since my beloved bride of 47 years passed, I have been alone and seeking a way to connect to her; you remember how stylish and womanly she was.  I’ve brought you here to meet Linda – a new  version of me – rebooted as you kids like to say. Now, before you judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.  Just be careful, those shoes have 4” heels and you’ll be navigating a floor in them while wearing some other feminine finery.  And remember –your inheritance is based on your enthusiasm (kidding)!”

Hours later, Caitlyn and Audrey were no longer worried about Linda losing her marbles, they totally got the wonderful feelings they felt being made pretty and wearing these soft silky clothes.   

“It’s fun being a hot mom,” Audrey giggled, “and it’s fun HAVING a hot mom!”  

 “So, you won’t be upset that I arranged a triple date for us next Saturday,” Linda asked.

“Well, they better be cute guys you picked for Mom and I, Nana,” Caitlyn chirped. 

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