Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Girls in The Mirror (Reflecting on their pretty lives - Helen + Jessica)

The Girls in The Mirror
Howie:  That’s it, just like I showed you!  Oh, you really do look so beautiful - look at the mirror.

Johnny: Wow!  I look kinda grown up with all of this jewelry!  But I’m not as pretty as you; not yet.

Howie:  Oh, pooh.  You’re seven going on sweet 16.  Have you got a date for the prom yet, sweetie? 

Johnny:  (Giggle)  You’re crazy! I mean, what boy would go to a dance with – another boy?

Howie:  Honey, nowadays ,boys can dance with other boys and girls with other girls.  But I don’t see any boys here – I see two pretty girls here who are going to look so pretty at my wedding.

Johnny:  I can’t wait to see you in that awesome gown, Mom!   But I do have one question…
How did you know that I would like dressing up as much as you have?

Helen:  I love it when you call me Mom!  To answer your question - I really didn’t know how you react.  But I knew that, from around the time I was your age, that I really was a girl inside of a boy’s body.  The only person for many years who I trusted to tell this to was Eric – who is the man I’m going to marry, and is going to be your new stepfather!  I guess that even though I tried to raise you as a boy, like me, you were a girl inside. 

Jessica: I love calling you Mom, and I love how being a girl has made me so happy!  We get to spend all of this time together, fixing our hair, and talking about life… and BOYS… and… 
Helen:  Oh, so you wanna talk about boys, Jessi?  Well, stick by my side, and I’ll show you some tricks along the way.

Jessica: Mom, what about that pretty lingerie set you will wear under your gown.  Do they make that in my size?

Helen:  Not THAT design – it’s a little risqué for your age.  Hey - let’s shop tomorrow for something cute just for you!

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