Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Fixer-Uppers (Erica + Cathy work well with "wood")


CABLE TV EXECUTIVE: A weekly show about an attractive  mother and daughter who renovate old homes?  Why should our network pick this up.  Ladies, the market is full of shows about house renovations.

ERICA:  Well, sir, what makes our show different is that not only is the real estate being renovated – your stars, us, have undergone some work!

CATHY:  What my daughter means is that we used to be Ed Caplan and his father Charlie- we were normal guys in the construction business.

EXECUTIVE: What the fuck?  You’re trannies?  That’s a hell of a gimmick.

ERICA:  Trust us, buddy, it’s no gimmick.  Underneath our panties is one hell of a tool.  After flunking out of college, I worked as a drag queen performer downtown, and I got good at hiding my junk and passing as a real girl.   I enjoyed teasing and taunting the guys who I turned on.

CATHY: And I saw what she was doing, and it intrigued me.  I dared her to make me over as a gorgeous blonde like her.  The hormones we ended up both taking really gave us some sick curves and some dirty fantasies…

ERICA: Yea, dirty, sexy, fantasies.  You mean, like offering a high powered TV suit the chance to have two T-girls spend the weekend with him, sucking his cock and letting him fuck them in the ass, Momma dearest?  

CATHY:  That’s just one of several ideas I had.  And you can buy the rest for – let’s say – ordering 26 episodes from our production company.

EXECUTIVE:  You drive a HARD bargain, gals, but… I’m sold!  Now, STRIP!

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