Saturday, October 25, 2014

Late To The Party? (Jane + family always have time to party HARD!)

Late To The Party?

Joseph Price III:  Grandpa Joe?  Ummm… this is kind of awkward.  Where have you been?

Joseph Price, Sr.:   Well, I’m here for hours of sex, obviously… but it looks like you and your dad are having some fun.  Couldn’t wait to drink that magic gender change cocktail until I got here?

Joseph Price, Jr.: Dad, I told you that Joey and I would start this party at 6 PM; it’s almost 9!  We’ve been keeping Bill here busy for hours!  I mean, look at this gorgeous cock he’s pushing inside us!

Joe Sr.: Dammit, I gotta get a new battery for my watch, you’re right, honey.  Hi there Bill.  You can call me Jane, and… obviously you met my “daughter” Jacki and my “granddaughter” Jenna!

Bill:  It’s very nice to meet you ma’am.  I can see where Jenna and her mom got their good looks and amazing bodies from.   You’re right, Jenna, she looks amazing for a woman in her sixties!

Jacki:  Mom, you know Bill’s grandfather, Nelson Jackson, I believe?  And Nellie’s son, George?

Jane:  Are you kidding?  I was Nellie’s roommate in college, and I actually just fucked both of those last week – and I thought Bill’s buff body and wonderfully thick and pulsing took looked so familiar!

Jenna:  Yep, Mom-Mom.  And his family is coming over as well.  You, Mom and I  will be giving those guys our  hot & horny little bodies all night long.  That is, unless their watch broke too! (giggle)

Jane:  Very funny, missy… just for that, why don’t you and your mom go mix some drinks for his family, while I strip out of this dress for Bill here?  So you really dig like hot older women, Billy? ; )

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