Friday, October 10, 2014

It’s Good To Be A Queen (Sex is power, just ask Shondra + Dorothy)

It’s Good To Be A Queen

David Pence could not comprehend why his son, his baby boy Steve, would degrade himself by dressing, acting, and cavorting like… a WOMAN!  

“Think about it dad… your wives basically emasculated you in your divorces.  A hot woman has power over supposedly “tough guys” like you and like what I used to be.  I read this article online about men who liked chicks with dicks, and then at a Halloween party, a former girlfriend dressed me up as a hot blonde.  I couldn’t keep the guys off of me, and I decided to say yes to one guy for a date.  Damm, he rocked my world.  Now I’m engaged to the city’s #1 real estate developer, and we’re throwing a big party to celebrate.  You’re welcome to come, but wouldn’t like to learn what being a sexy, stylish blonde socialite is all about – dad – or should I say, MOM?”

Shondra’s words resonated with Dave, and two weeks later, Dorothy wowed everyone at her daughter’s regal event.  She even landed her own powerful, virile man to manipulate.  Life was good. 

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