Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goddess Mode (A trio of sensual and regal T-girls)

Goddess Mode
Professor Ross Bowe, a well respected archeologist was very appreciative of his sons, Chad and Paul, taking part in a bit of role play at the Renaissance Faire, when they could have gone to the homecoming game that weekend.   

“So, just as several ancient tribes of Eurasia did for centuries, we have dressed as females – in our case, a mother presenting her daughters to the King as potential brides for the knights and lords of 

his royal court.  You both look so beautiful with these flower crowns and white silk.”

Candice sighed, “Well, we did discover that we really enjoy the guys  who treated us like goddesses – right sister dear?”

“For sure, we rocked their worlds,” Paige giggled.  “And what about you, Mom?  You’re just as much a wanton shemale wench as we have become.   Which man of power and ummm… size… will you have wrapped around your finger?”

Ruth mischievously grinned. “Oh I may try a few of them out – for research purposes, of course.”

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