Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From a Sad Dad to a HOT MOM! (Olivia + Maya, the shooting stars)

From a Sad Dad
to a HOT MOM!
Olivia Lee smiles as she watches her baby girl, Maya, play in the pool.  Both mother and daughter love to put on their bathing suits, and Olivia’s joy as a proud mom is unmatched.  It’s hard to conceive now, but two years ago, this family was facing a threat, and may not have survived. 

Back then, Olivia was Owen, a young father who hadmarried the daughter of Mr. Yung, the crime lord.  When his daughter died after childbirth, an enraged Yung blamed Owen, and he sent his goons out to do their worst.   

Owen ran while clutching baby Michael, and it was George, Owen’s best friend, who took them in.  It was also George who recommended that the father & son cover their tracks.  He could not have guessed how much of a hot mom that Olivia would turn out to be (he figured that as a teen, Maya will be as beautiful as her mother). 

 Olivia is forever grateful, and she promised her new husband that she would continue to thank him – every night – for protecting her and their sweet little daughter.

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