Friday, October 31, 2014

Costume Magic: From Cleats To High Heels (Happy Halloweeny!)

Costume Magic:
From Cleats To High Heels

Stefon Parker was a terror on the gridiron. For years, the fullback rushed headlong into collisions with defenders with violent intentions.  But after retiring, he watched TV with his son, Marcus, having to explain the scandalous behavior of pro sports stars.  

“It’s one thing to be physical on the football field,” he commented to his son, “but there’s no place for violence against women, or children, or anyone.”   

Stefon wanted his voice to be heard, and one day soon after, a marketing rep for everyone’s favorite vacation destination shared with him the concept of “Costume Magic,” where fathers and sons would spend a weekend feeling girlish and sweet.   Stefon warmed to the idea, and Marcus, who was small and shy compared to Pops,  was quite interested.

“Not every girl gets to say that their Mom  blocked for Peyton Manning,” giggled the super  cute Monique as Suzanne, glowing with pride and showing off her new curves, had a smile a mile wide.
“By the way… we’re both single ladies .   But you better respect who we are!” 

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