Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Case of BLACK-Male (Priscilla + Marisa: koo-koo for cocoa!)

A Case of BLACK-Male
Rodney Blaine and his son Dre laughed as Sgt. Peter Fergus shook with fear.  Pete’s son Matt, who had gone to the same high school as Dre, looked downward in guilt.   

“This is some fucked up shit,” Rodney admonished the white father and son.  “Your boy tries to frame my kid for an act of vandalism that he committed, and then you, a police officer, try to cover it up.  Even in 2014, your attitude and that of many members of law enforcement is still trying to stick it to my people! I cam call my lawyer, have your badge, and have you both go into prison, and as tiny as you both are, you can both end up being a gangster's  bitch – or you can do it MY way.   What you do say,  GIRLS?”

Pete and Matty both wanted to protest the changes that Rodney’s associates put them through, but down deep, the dormany sissies that they must have been all along started to come out.  “Marisa” accepted fully her new role first, and at first, it embarrassed “Priscilla”, who would hear her new daughter moan as Dre and her had a lot of sex.  But that pain turned to pride as a mother, and after a lot of coaxing and threatening, Pris gave herself to Rodney – and it was incredible.   

The sublime feeling of a big black cock inside of her bonded her to her man.  To celebrate this new mixed family,  Rodney took the four-some out to a lakeside resort.  The sight of two Nubian studs with two tiny blondes in their thrall  angered some but delighted others.  Mom and daughter now thought of “blackmail” as something they wanted very badly!

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